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Letter: terrorist attacks are not part of "Islam"

by F. Abdullah

The State Department recently issued a warning to all Americans to be ready for terrorist attacks specifically targeting them from now, the month of December, until the dawn of the millennium. These “attacks” are to be carried out by “Islamic extremists,” during this, their holy month of Ramadan.

It is my responsibility as an American citizen (born and raised), to inform my fellow Americans that this warning is absolutely without merit! Our government and news sources are misinforming the American public. Their over use of inflammatory language and false statements is serving only to imbed the wrong idea of the religion of Islam and of Muslims into the minds of the American people.

Let’s get the record straight. The religion of Islam is so horribly misunderstood by the American public. Myself included before embracing Islam. Islam does not under any circumstances support, encourage or allow violence against non Muslims unless those non Muslims are waging war against us. We, like any other group of people, need to defend ourselves against violent oppression.

There are, however, certain groups of people claiming to practice Islam, but by no means do they adhere to the beliefs and practices of the one True Islam. These are the individuals who give Islam and

Muslims a bad name. These are the people constantly being referred to

by the media. Muslims who truly follow the teachings of Islam do not

love killing, in fact we despise it!

I encourage each and every individual to find out what Islam teaches. You will find this religion to be one of peace and love towards Muslims and non Muslims alike. This is the fastest growing religion in the world, especially in North America. I sincerely hope that people will try to learn what Islam and Muslims have to say. By doing so we may be able to begin to put an end to all of the falsehoods and misconceptions our nation has of this religion.

May God bless all of us, and help us to understand one another!

Thank you!


Carson City.