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Letter: thank you to ambulance

by Maylones

On Sunday morning, Dec. 26, my wife, Bonnie, started to get out of bed, but when she stood up, she became very dizzy and fell back on to the bed. Every time she raised her head, the same thing occurred. Juanita, her sister who was here with us for Christmas, and I thought she was having a stroke. I called 911 to have an ambulance dispatched.

By the time I finished talking to the dispatcher and giving her the needed information, the ambulance and fire truck were here. The paramedic crew set up their monitoring system, started an IV and took blood pressure, etc. They determined that she needed to go to the emergency room and we agreed. She was diagnosed with vertigo caused by a slight inner ear infection. Bonnie is home now, on medication, and doing fine.

One of the ambulance crew paramedics came into the emergency room a couple of hours after she was admitted to see how she was doing. Now that is caring about your patients! Thank you, ambulance crew, paramedics and fire truck crew for a very efficient and prompt response. We also wish to thank the Carson-Tahoe Hospital Emergency Room doctor, nurses and all personnel involved with Bonnie’s care.


Carson City