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Letter to the editor

In regard to Mr. Nicholas Sosa opinion (Oct. 2), in which he stated that “the recent immigration busts were an outrage and that good people and honest citizens of this country are being treated like second class citizens, etc., etc.” It seems to me that Mr. Sosa is completely mistaken and is trying to be misleading, in my opinion, and he has totally ignored the fact that the “good” and “honest” people he speaks about were apparently investigated over a period of time and were either suspected to be guilty of identity theft or had been proven to be actually guilty of identity theft (a serious offense) which was the main reason for the “round up” of these individuals.

Mr. Sosa also stated that these people were “only” being persecuted because of their olive and brown complexion, which is totally false in my view because it is clear to me and others that this country is now just deciding evidently that people who have broken our laws regardless of their skin color need to be stopped from using false I.D. and stealing legal U.S. citizens’ identity for staying employed or for whatever reasons. It seems to me that Mr. Sosa should get involved with those individuals who are, in his view, being persecuted and advise them that their demonstrations, boycotting and/or going out on strike is not likely to help them to be accepted by most if not all of this countries legal and law abiding citizens, Mr. Sosa said that he evidently believes that “we must end the persecution of Chicanos in the name of liberty, equality and democracy and that if this is not done then we must be content to live in a fascist state no better than that of Hitler” and I am somewhat confused by that statement since I really don’t see where these people are being “persecuted.”

This country is only attempting to prevent people from breaking our laws no matter what their skin color and this applies to all who live here I believe. If you decide to live in the U.S. then is it too much to ask that you obey our laws and that you obey our laws to enter this country? I don’t think so. If the U.S. is such a terrible place then what alternative is there? I guess it is this – go back where you came from as it will most certainly be a better place to work and to live and will most certainly welcome you with no threat of persecution.

don mcdermott

Carson City

Hillary Clinton and her

health care plans are evil

While traveling to my next fishing hole today, I heard a radio news report whereby Bill Clinton said that the U.S. should adopt a national healthcare plan similar to the one provided by the Canadian government. The report went on with Hillary waxing long and hard about her plans to deliver just such a plan to the American people.

Coincidentally, the news program followed with a report from ABC’s John Stossel wherein he describes in detail the almost complete failure of the various government’s national healthcare schemes; most notably those plans of England and Canada.

Here’s what we know from history. No government does anything well except to waste money. There has never been a successful socialist/communist government, and there is no successful national, government healthcare scheme, period. A stupid person, by definition, is a person who when presented with the facts, chooses to ignore those facts. Only the truly stupid will accept the swill offered up by Hillary Clinton and only a person totally devoid of human decency and even basic integrity would spout such vile sewage; she is evil incarnate.

ronald orbas

Carson City

Objects to plea deal on

Lyon County sex charges

As a former law enforcement officer, the father of a deputy, the father of a young girl, and a resident of Lyon County, I find the decision to offer a plea to a reduced charge to Charles Palecki disturbing. He repeatedly raped and molested two very young girls, threatened to kill their entire family, and fled to avoid arrest and prosecution. The allegations in this case, as reported by the Nevada Appeal, deserve the full weight of the criminal justice system’s resources and maximum penalties applied.

I have always felt your office and the sheriff’s department do a difficult but effective job investigating and prosecuting criminals in this county. This decision does not reflect your responsibility to the victims in this case. I beg you to reconsider this decision that could one day allow a child predator to harm another child. In doing so, you can know in your heart you have done everything in your power to keep innocent children safe and a child predator where he belongs; in prison for life.

ken palamar