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Letter to the Editor for July 23

Why did city abandon

Ross Gold Park?

It seems as if the city has dropped the ball and destroyed the second most popular park in town, so I’d like to publicly beg them to please fix up the park you destroyed and left fallow for over a year.

Ross Gold Park on the south end of town was my favorite park. Mom and I would go down there often with bread to feed all the geese and ducks that frequented its huge pond. The ducks would lay their eggs in the surrounding bushes and across the street. In the spring, you could see the little ducklings with their moms swimming around and walking the park. It was a blast to watch the little kids feeding them.

Over a year ago, the city drained it and surrounded it with a chain link fence, only to abandon it for several months and leave it unusable for the entire town. Every time we go down there with bread for the ducks, there are no birds and no people, which is heartbreaking because this park was so vibrant and alive when the pond was flowing.

I would think that any city would want to keep their parks up and in working order. I understand about the so-called plumbing/drainage issue, but it certainly doesn’t take a year to fix it. Why did you guys stop caring about this park? It was a blessing to the community and the local wildlife.

Please care about this park. We all love and miss it.

Robin Christy

Carson City

While Congress dithers, children go hungry

I’m appalled at the government of the United States and what is happening to our people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. H.R. 5618 was put before the Senate on July 13 and again on July 14.

The unemployment rate in Nevada is the highest in the nation. As of June 29, 1,800 people lost their unemployment benefits. As of July 17 another 30,800 were to lose theirs. How many must we sacrifice before the House, Senate and the White House listen to the cries of hungry children?

I wish that our people we have put in office could see a hungry homeless child – no food, no bed, no clean clothing, no future, as they have in Third World countries. I’ve been there and have seen these situations, many haven’t, they should. Maybe they should wake up, all I ask is for a stand-alone bill to get these people what they need – help.

I do volunteer work in a food bank here in Carson City, and in one week, the number of people seeking help has doubled. This is uncalled for and has to stop. Please contact your representative, senator and the president to stop playing games with peoples’ lives. I’m lucky, as I have a military pension and Social Security.

John A. Choat