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Letter to the editor for Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nothing like WNC baseball

There’s nothing like walking up the dirt hill to John L. Harvey field on a warm Saturday just before the first pitch with a bag of port of subs, some seeds, wearing your sunglasses and a Wildcats hat. Arriving at the entrance, looking down at the blue seats and seeing all those familiar faces. Looking out at the bright green field turf and watching a team of ball players meticulously preparing for the game to begin. You can feel their excitement. The excitement of being young yet determined to win, to play great baseball, to go to the World Series, get drafted or go onto Division I.

Within minutes you can understand how good it must be to be a Wildcat. The Wildcats and everyone else in the stadium can feel the opposing team’s quick and envious stares as they watch in awe and wonder: “I wish I could be on that team. That team produces wins. Champions. They look like a family. They grow together. They win together and they lose together. Oh, yes. I do wish I could’ve been a Wildcat.”

That’s when I know I am home. When I see my brother at home shaking the opposing coaches and umpires hand — with a genuine smile and eyes who know something they don’t. That his team is better prepared. Better coached. That his team will put in every ounce of effort to win.

Yes, that’s when I know I am home again.

I will truly miss the awesomeness that is Wildcats baseball. They will forever live on in the hearts and memories of so many who have been touched by their great program.

Chase Whittemore