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Letter to the editor for Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Open letter to board of regents

I cannot fathom the thinking below, especially knowing how valiantly we have fought for community college athletics. I’m not sure what I can say, that might make you consider, that it is possible you did not get the entire factual story from President Burton. Additionally, the timing of the club soccer announcement at WNC was beyond comprehension. Who signs letters of intent for club sports? Why isn’t the college spearheading a thank you campaign? Tip of the iceberg.

The icing on the cake is the Reno Gazette-Journal interviewing Regent Jason Geddes:

RGJ: … what role do you see athletics serving in the overall mission of the university being a success?

Geddes: “I think it has an important role. UNLV’s president calls it the window to the university and Marc calls it the front porch to the university. It’s a way to reach out in the community and get people excited about the school. You’ve seen the frenzy that is UNLV basketball when they’re winning. That town goes nuts. It’s important, but we also have to ensure that it’s a diverse mix so we have opportunities for Nevada students to go on to that level. … Through the budget cuts and reorganization and where the budget is, we don’t offer that many programs. We need to expand the number of programs we offer.”


For once, I’d like to hear from the board on how you plan to deal with community college athletics. Please let me know, I will make a special effort to attend.

Helaine Jesse Morres