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Letter to the editor for Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016

Promoting peace and love in 2016

First and foremost, happy New Year to everyone. With a new year comes some fresh new ideas and perspectives on life. However, I want to reflect on how free speech has become rampant for the past several decades.

My grandmother would always tell me that if I had nothing nice to say, then I probably shouldn’t say it at all. Yet, certain peoples’ sharp tongues can cut even the deepest wounds. For example, I’ve witnessed an overbearing parent snap at their own child in public, even when the child didn’t do anything wrong. Even celebrities have chosen to put their own reputations on the line by using social media to get their negative points across.

Therefore, my advice to everyone is this: There is an appropriate time for a person to either speak up or keep silent. One wrong word or action can create dire consequences or bad karma. I found that out the hard way through my own life lessons. Happy 2016; please learn how to promote peace and love one another.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City