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Letter to the Editor July 8

A couple weeks ago there was a news video of a student/teacher confrontation. The student was aggressive, assaulting the teacher until the teacher finally retaliated by striking back at the student while other students in the background just chanted.

Everybody I talked to chose one side or the other to defend. In my humble opinion, they all missed the real story. While this towering male student backed the female teacher into the corner, the other students were yelling “You can’t touch him” or “You can’t call him names,” etc.

The real story was the fact that the system is broken and nobody sees it. Students actually think that another student can assault a teacher and nobody can do anything? You can’t talk back, you can’t fight back, you just have to take it? Broken.

This is what Mr. Paslov and all the other liberals want to dump money into. They don’t care that it’s broken, they just want money, more money. How about trying to fix the problem? How about making parents accountable for their kids? Why should the schools be expected to raise the kids?

The kids should be raised to respect adults, especially teachers. There are too many parents who don’t care. They don’t have the time to teach their kids the difference between right and wrong. Let’s not solve it, let’s just throw more money at it.

If I were king, both the parents and the students would have spent a night in jail.

Walter Owens

Carson City