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Letter: volunteer firefighters

by Wilcoxes

To the editor:

It’s true. Volunteer firefighters are one of the most generous groups of folks with their time and energy, helping their neighbors.

Last Saturday (Dec. 18) units from the Topaz Ranch Fire Dept. headed by Captain Ronna Hubbard; the Topaz Lake Fire Dept. headed by Captain Bob Gable; and Terry Taylor, Fire Captain-Inspector from Minden came with about 18 volunteer firefighters in full regalia including one neighbor from Genoa, to burn weeds on Kyle Drive.

Why the weeds have been allowed to pile up into such dangerous proportions? Kyle Drive is a little dirt road off Highway 208. Subdivided some years ago and is situated on ranch land with many old fence lines. The past eight years the tumbleweeds and other large weeds have blown from the main ranch and piled against the fences from every bad wind storm, making the entire area a potential fire hazard. And there is no water near enough for the few residences to burn safely except in their own yards. Often the weeds have blown into the road and closed it to traffic for a time.

With this in mind, it is obvious that Kyle Drive residences are in need of help and the East Fork Fire District has Captains and volunteers who are willing to take time to eliminate the dangers of a disastrous wildfire happening.

It was beautiful to watch these yellow clad firefighters work with such precision and teamwork, which means ‘labor.’ They dug out great piles of weeds, moving them out of range of wooden fence posts and trees. They foamed such objects to prevent fire damage. It was hours of labor to prepare the long rows of weeds along the road before torching. Then, get out of the way! The weeds burn hot and flames high, creating wind that can change direction immediately.

Clean up afterwards. Dig out hot spots and wet it all down with foam. After dark, Captain Hubbard drove down the road to make sure there were no left-over embers.

To all firefighters everywhere. God bless you, thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Hollis and Nadine Wilcox

South Douglas County