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Letter: wetlands disappearing

by D. Uhart

It is important for the citizens of Carson City and Eagle Valley to understand that a window of opportunity is closing on Dec. 10. At that time, the period for public comment to the Army Corps of Engineers will close and a decision will be made based on those comments and other data as to the future of our wetlands in Carson City.

Currently, NDOT is applying for a permit to build a freeway and mitigate the loss of the affected wetlands by increasing wetlands in Washoe Valley. The result of this particular proposal is that wetlands enjoyed by all of us in Carson City as we drive or walk by and that are also essential to the propagation of our local resident wildlife, will be removed and a like amount of acreage will be established in an area where we won’t be able to enjoy it with such ease.

Please, take the time to send a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers. Let them know that the citizens of Carson City want their wetlands kept inside the county lines. Tell them that if these particular wetlands must be moved and the design of the freeway cannot be altered, that the current proposal being considered is unacceptable.

Mention that you support the freeway as a necessary part of our growth as a community but that you are unwilling to sacrifice those elements of natural beauty that can easily be relocated elsewhere in our valley. Your voice does make a difference.

All correspondence should be directed to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District, 1325 J St., Sacramento, Calif. 95814-2922. Please include or refer to Public Notice 199400539. All comments must be received by Dec. 10.


CC Open Space Advisory Committee