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Letter: working drones

by T. Hunter

Now is the winter of our discontent, yeah, right. There isn’t a bone of discontent in this holy land of Nevada. The unions are selling out the two or three people they still claim to represent. It’s business as usual in the right to starve state. The workmen’s comp racket is being turned over to the Employers Insurance Company of Minneapolis. They still hope you die before they have to pay, but the state won’t look like the cruel heartless ones.

The politicians are home planning their next run on the treasury. Who they have to kiss this election so they’ll be in the proper posture to be kissed when it’s their turn.

Carson City’s local leaders are still trying to get over their score at building a technology center where hopefully they can make illiterate high school graduates into tools. It’s better that they are illiterate.

Otherwise they might take the techno-wisdom and split for pastures where they are appreciated and paid accordingly. That’s why there are no windows. No daydreaming about triple and fourple wages down where the surf laps up against sandy beaches.

Nevada, where the Winn faction spends millions to see how little you can pay someone before they go on welfare or starve. Where the nuggets of Nevada have learned the trick that McDonalds learned long ago – it is cheaper to train new people every week than to pay any drones a living wage. Then plaster lots of signs in the drone lounge that say smile and mean it!

Yes, massuh – I just love picking this cotton. A dollar! A tip! Could you hold it for me ’til the IRS takes their lawful portion? Oh, the land of the sage and the pine, where a wild horse has more friends than the working stiff.

George Bush Jr. and his millions who prove that smoke and mirrors beat the living (expletive) out of a hard day’s work every time. No sense of humor or fun in the White House.

Hey, this guy has put a whole new spin on lobbying. He doesn’t have to wait ’til he retires from the Oval Brothel to sell his soul. He sold it to the Arabs for $800,000.

Ed Bernstein. Well, he’s a lawyer. He is very articulate. He looks good on TV He has his own series. I think he’s a shoo-in for Ronnie’s job somewhere down the road.

“Keeping an open mind is a virtue – but, as space engineer James Oberg once said, not so open that your brains fall out.” Carl Sagan

Mad you say? Not by a long shot. “We wait for light, but behold darkness.” Isaiah 59:9″

So what will we tell the little ones? If you just tell them our truth and let them sort out their own meanings, I think they’ll have a shot at doing a might better than we are doing in the final days of the 20th century. We can show them critical thinking.


Carson City