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Letter:A commendation and a condemnation

by D. Wooding

First, a commendation for the Wal-Mart truck driver who stopped his rig in the southbound lane of Carson Street just now. Time is Saturday, Dec. 18, 4:30 p.m., Christmas rush hour traffic both ways. He stopped to help a thoughtless pickup truck driver/dog possessor.

The thoughtless truck driver/dog possessor lost a couple of pallets off the back of his truck. Probably on top of the pallets were his two dogs, not tied, not protected in any way. One of the dogs was in the street and appeared injured. Are we surprised? That’s what happens to dogs when they fall off an open truck because their possessor cares so little for them that they aren’t protected.

Believe it or not, dogs can’t read the mind of a driver any better than the next driver. If you zig at the right (wrong) time, the poor dog is going to fall off or out of an open truck when it is just back there loose. The result will probably be an injured dog, at the very least. More probably, the result will be an accident involving the person behind you who is trying not to kill your dog.

Another commendation. This one for Washoe County, which requires dogs to be tied or inside (at least) a camper shell for their own protection.

When are people going to get smart enough to protect the animals they possess and claim to love? I’m not an animal rights activist, but it’s something like this that could make me get on the bandwagon. I have animals, and I love them. When they travel with me, they are inside my car or in a camper shell on my truck. Sure, the camper shell limits what I can carry, but that’s what trailers are for if you need more room.

Please stop putting your dogs at risk. If you love them, protect them. They aren’t “just dogs.” They are your best friends, whether you feel that way or not. And if you don’t feel that way, you shouldn’t possess one.


Carson City