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Letter:CHS prom dates

by the Fronapfels

As parents of a senior at Carson High School and friends to a few other seniors involved in the prom date issue, we would like to express our opinion.

In support of the character of the students involved, we have known them for a long time. They are intelligent young men and women who are well-mannered and spirit-filled with good intentions. They feel from their hearts and then speak from their minds. These students are very involved with school functions, clubs, church groups and leadership. Many, we believe, will be leaders in the future!

We admire their endeavor and perseverance with their desire to change or, in the least, make available an alternative to who can come to their senior prom. They have been present at Carson City School Board meetings since October, after being told by Mr. Glen Adair, principal of Carson High, that they must take their issue to the board. The school board has assured the students on at least two occasions that their issue would be made part of next month’s agenda. They have yet to see that.

We went, as supporters, to the January school board meeting and were dismayed at what we saw. Mr. Parry, superintendent of schools, was attempting to make light of the students’ presence and issues, in our opinion, before the meeting even started. When we asked him why the prom issue was not on the agenda, Mr. Parry confessed that he didn’t put it on as promised. Mr. Parry assured us that it would be on the Feb. 8 agenda.

We continue to see our country’s statistics of how many 18-year-olds register to vote … the statistics are very low. After the approach and ignorance given by our school board who, we might add, are elected, one could only ask why should our young adults register? We were embarrassed as adults that our young adults, or children, were subjected to this poor example of justice in a democratic system.

The students’ issue is simply to allow others, from outside Carson High, to be invited to the prom. The students are willing to use consent forms to be filled out by the student and parent; if chaperones are the issue, parents have volunteered to be available for prom night. This is a big night for our senors. One could go back to his/her own prom night and how exciting it was to be able to ask that “special someone” to accompany you. It won’t happen again … the experience of senior year is a one-time event … it’s a milestone in a young adult’s life. Life is so full of misery and hardness as we become older. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back to our senior proms and relax, enjoy and be with those who made us who we are?


Carson city