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Government can save money by allowing competition

It was interesting to read about the Unemployment Division’s utilization of market competition to reduce the cost of benefit disbursal. They also spent plenty of time vilifying the use of the mails.

But we need to go further! I would encourage Gov. Gibbons to introduce competition or competitive sourcing to every agency in state government.

The untold millions of dollars to be saved in redundancy, waste and unneeded overhead cannot be ignored with the current budget shortfall(s). Taxpayers are tapped out and can no longer afford for state government agencies to operate in a competition-less vacuum.


Carson City

Carson High shouldn’t restrict MP3 players

As it is well known, iPods are becoming a fast-moving craze to people of all ages across the country. At Carson High School, however, students have found a way to better their study and work habits using these MP3 players. For a lot of students, it is difficult to study and concentrate at school when trying to do work; that is where the iPod comes in handy. Putting those familiar white headphones on, blocking out all other distractions in the room, and listening to mellow music that helps calm you down is the perfect way to get your work done.

The problem is, however, the administration at Carson High School is doing away with all music players during school hours. This is a huge problem for students who need these to be able to do their work. It is argued that bringing iPods to school is a liability that should not have to be dealt with. I believe that students have every right to bring their MP3 players to school. As long as a student isn’t being disruptive in class, they should be allowed to listen to their iPods and be at their own risk of something happening to it.

There are already teachers at the school trying to fight for the rights of students to bring their iPods to school, especially in elective classes, which is a great start. I would just like to say that I hope someday the administration at Carson High School will be able to accept the fact that iPods are a helpful tool when used properly. On a further note, hopefully the school administration will allow students to bring them to school and better their studies in the near future.


Carson City

Burlington money would have been better spent on other needs

I’m ashamed to hear that our “trusted” city council members just paid Burlington Coat Factory two million dollars to bring their business here. I don’t know about the rest of the people reading this, but I was in grocery for 15 years. Why in the name of all that is decent are we paying that kind of money to a retailer? They are already going to earn money by putting that business here. The city keeps coming over to the Empire area to fix cracks in the water mains. The water that comes out of the tap tastes oily or dirty. An insignificant problem, I guess, for this city.

With all the good that our hard-earned taxes are supposed to provide for us, this is as disgrace to all of us that live here.

Time and time again, I look at all this money that we as citizens put out. Not to pay people to move here. Not to give away to big business that doesn’t see our fair city as a solid investment. It’s our job as citizens to stand and voice that we’ve been overlooked. That two million would be better spent on things that need to be upgraded and revamped around town. This city seems to think that our opinion of what our money was taxed for can be put to better use in someone’s pocket rather then improve on our quality of life. Above all I was upset, because I wasn’t suppose to know about it. I was suppose to not mention anything either. Fortunately I am not one to sit idle when I think all of us have been cheated. Companies should want to move here, not be paid to come in because there are old buildings “that shouldn’t go to waste.” In my opinion, it would cost less to fill up a few ‘dozers and just remove the empty building so someone who does believe in the promising area we call Carson City can move in and provide more upstart for our local economy.


Carson City

Supports Richardson over Sen. Obama

According to Ms. Johnson’s recent column, she believes that Barrack Obama is the right person to lead this country. She refers to Sen. Obama’s many attributes. Only two things are missing in praise of the senator: experience and qualifications. There is another candidate who meets all of her criteria, plus the latter two. That is Gov. Bill Richardson.

Ms. Johnson, are you supporting the senator because you read his book or because Oprah has endorsed him or some other emotional reason? His campaign is doing well financially. Does his financial base really come from other than major lobbyists, a la Hillary? If you are as rational and intelligent as you seem, the only acceptable candidate for president is Bill Richardson. Any voter who is undecided should visit the governor’s Web site at richardsonforpresident.com. Read his positions on the war in Iraq; education; energy and the environment; jobs and our economy; health care; and foreign policy. Check other sites regarding his platform. He speaks from experience. And that is what we need to lead our country in the near future.


Carson City