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Christmas is about love

Carolyn Tate and Maizie Harris Jesse recently wrote an article on the “true meaning of Christmas.” In their article, they clearly dismissed the most important component of Christmas – Christ. The focus they placed on giving was not necessarily wrong or bad; however, giving is not the meaning of Christmas. The meaning and purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The birth of Christ was no small occurrence. God himself sent His only son in the form of man to be the Light of the world. Jesus Christ was not only sent to live among us, He was sent to die for all sinners – all of mankind. This is a birth calling for more than acknowledgment. The birth of our Savior calls for a celebration!

It is clear that Christmas is not about giving per se, not the giving of gifts or charity or anything else. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ by loving God and loving others. Giving is not the point, it is merely a result.


Carson City

Prefers the politically incorrect Santa

I am baffled at some of the things that are happening to ruin the Christmas joy and cheer. In Sydney, Australia, Santas across the country’s largest city have been instructed to say “Ha ha ha” instead of “Ho ho ho” because it could be offensive to women and contaminate the minds of small children.

Further attacks on Santa have been made by the Surgeon General. A recent release states that role models that children look up to need to be eating healthy and in good shape Ð Santa Claus is no different. And if Santa is such a horrible role model, then we certainly can’t portray the image of him sneaking creepily into houses via chimney during the dead of night, because now our favorite, jolly criminal is breaking and entering. And because Santa is guilty of being sexist and a poor eater, what about the way he ties those reindeer to his sleigh? Looks like Santa has an animal cruelty charge headed his way as well.

Seriously people. Christmas is a tradition, a time of happiness for many families, and a beautiful way to make life-long memories. It is a time of year where we give, share, and love. Are we willing to make Christmas so politically correct that our children can’t idolize their favorite gift-giver? “Yes Virginia, Santa Claus has changed.” This all may be funny, but remember to leave Santa some carrots and water, and be sure not to laugh “Ho ho ho”.


Carson City

The Spirit of Christmas is alive in Carson

Christmas is a time of love, compassion, giving, giving, and more giving. Almost all religions in the United States that celebrate any holiday that takes place this time of year somehow involve giving as part of the holiday tradition.

One traditional practice of giving this time of year is through charitable organizations, of which there are many. This tradition is wonderful, and knowing that there are so many people willing to give to them is glorious. Some of these organizations include Toys for Tots, Adopt-a-family, Salvation Army, FISH, Advocates for Domestic Violence, the Angel Tree, World Hope, Legionnaire Ministries, Shop With A Cop, Health and Human Services, Good Will, OARC, Saint Vincent’s, the Food Bank, and so many others that it is impossible to mention them all. This amount of giving shows how gracious and compassionate the town of Carson City and the rest of the United States are during the Christmas Season. This also demonstrates the amount of Christmas Spirit that lives in and around our city, as well as how much care and compassion is shared with those who are less fortunate.

I wish to express thanks to all those involved in giving some way or another, and thanks for helping to keep the spirit of Christmas.


Carson City

Impressed by Gardnerville lights

I think Gardnerville should be congratulated on their colorful Christmas street decorations this year. It looks nice to say the least. The addition of some color (red) to the light display is most welcome. When heading northbound you sure can tell where the boundary line is located!