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It’s a place where nearly every day three people tragically lose their lives. It’s also a place where our friends, neighbors and fellow Nevadans work to improve our infrastructure. It’s our road work zones.

In life’s busy schedule, these work zones can slow the hurried commuter temporarily. When safe driving practices aren’t followed, they can be a place where lives are ruined permanently.

One example is a dedicated NDOT employee who was recently struck while removing traffic cones on Interstate 215 in Las Vegas. As this valuable team member struggles to recover, all of us at NDOT continue to wish the very best to him and all those affected by work zone crashes.

Every year, more than 1,000 people nationwide die in road work zone crashes; crashes often caused by unsafe driving behaviors such as driving too fast, following too closely, or failing to follow the direction of construction signs. Most of these fatalities are vehicle drivers and passengers, others are road workers.

The Nevada Department of Transportation is dedicated to the uncompromising safety of our work zones. Protective barriers are placed in appropriate work zones to protect motorists, workers and equipment. Warning signs, lane closure alerts and flaggers are put in place to assist motorists, and detour routes, when available, are established and noted with signs. Each worker is trained on proper safety and traffic control. And while Nevada temperatures often require that work be completed during daytime hours, NDOT also performs all possible construction in nighttime and off-peak hours.

As NDOT upkeeps the quality of Nevada roads, motorists must take responsibility to make their travels the safest they can be, for themselves and all those sharing the road.

How? Dial ‘511’ for Nevada road construction reports before driving. Always use seatbelts. Keep additional space between your car and other vehicles. Most importantly, always take it slow, obey posted speed limits in road work zones, and pay attention. NDOT invites all drivers to visit http://www.nevadadot.com/safety for current road construction reports and more safe driving tips.

With these important safety tips, our work zones can become a safe place for road workers to continually improve the vital transportation thoroughfares of our state. It is more important than ever as we wish the very best to our stricken highway worker and prepare to recognize National Work Zone Awareness Week April 7 through 11.



Carson City

Enjoyed the Jacks Valley egg hunt

I wanted to thank the Jacks Valley Volunteer Fire Department for hosting such a wonderful Easter egg hunt on March 23, at Jacks Valley Elementary School. They provided wonderful handouts on fire safety and there were lots of colorful eggs for all the different age groups to hunt. It obviously took some major coordination. Care Flight landed with the Easter Bunny on board for all the kids to see. Smokey the Bear from Nevada Division of Forestry was there to greet all of the kids young and old. East Fork Fire and Paramedic District graciously allowed kids and parents to explore their front line fire engine and ambulance. It was a wonderful event and a great opportunity for all of us to see various service entities in our community all in one place.


Carson City

Columnist’s remarks were inappropriate

John L.! Really! Your remarks in the Nevada Appeal dated March 20 were really showing your true colors or your Liberalism.

I would like to know how anyone could be thinking such thoughts. It is beyond me how anyone could call a governor of any state such derogatory remarks. Such as “send in the clown,” and “his rubber nose,” and on and on. Seems to me you are just full of hate and are taking it all out on Governor Gibbons. Is it only because he is a registered Republican? Didn’t seem to matter what the issue was, but you turned it into spewing hateful remarks against Governor Gibbons.

I don’t ever recall you calling Governor Guinn anything resembling this garbage. Actually Governor Guinn was a registered Republican in Democrat clothing. Did you know that? Of course you did.

Governor Gibbons did apologize for using the word “buffoonery.” So I believe an apology is in order from you to Governor Gibbons. How about it?

Now let’s quit this dumb foolery.


Carson City