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Several weeks ago you asked, “What do you think of the politicians?” Of the three contenders for the presidency we are not for any of them.

Obama spends time and money trying to defend his minister and the black culture and at the same time trying to convince us to be color blind. He claims to be the candidate for change but what are the changes?

Hillary, what a piece of work she is. She claims 35 years of experience, doing what? Her ad says she is the best candidate to answer the phone at 3 a.m.; we doubt it as she can’t even get the facts straight regarding her trip to Iraq. Only a politician can lie and they say they “misspoke.” Look at the newsreel and at the same time listen to her telling what happened. Do you see her running for her life? Hear any bullets whizzing by?

McCain may be the best choice as we will all sleep for the four years, granted he did heroic deeds while a prisoner of war but that does not qualify him for the presidency.

On the local level we have a mayor and some supervisors that have forgotten they work for us, the taxpayers. Our city is running in the red and yet the mayor wants to add a tax to pay for the V&T, a real “pie in the sky.” We taxpayers said NO TAXES FOR THE V&T. When this first started the people in favor of it said all the money would be furnished by donations Ð no tax money. Well, donations soon dried up and we are being taxed for it. Now they want to have another non-binding vote taken. Why? No matter what the taxpayers say our mayor thinks he knows better. We have no confidence in his ability to make financial decisions, just drive down Highway 50 E and see the “haybarn.” The structure he said would bring lots of revenue to the city. How much money does the Farmers Market bring in the three months it is used? Besides that this is the tip of the iceberg, the V&T is a money pit. No one answers the questions that should be raised, how many months can it run? What is the cost of operation? What will the fare be? How many people will it take to run the V&T? We need more police and fire protection not a pipe dream that may or may not be a success.

In summary perhaps it is not the politicians that are the problem but the voters who listen to idle promises and vote them in.


Carson City

BLM road closures often prove to be rumors

As a BLM volunteer, I must correct a recent letter to the editor. The road through High Rock Canyon in the National Conservation Area is still open to motor vehicle traffic. The road is between the High Rock Canyon Wilderness and the East Fork High Rock Canyon Wilderness and is quite well traveled. It has a temporary closure from about January to March for raptor nesting and antelope and big horn sheep calving but is open all the rest of the year. And January through March don’t get many visitors because of the cold weather.

The National Conservation Area has 919 miles of road open to motor vehicle traffic. Seems like that should be enough! When the area was created, the BLM closed about 30 miles of roads. Most of these roads were either illegal hill climbs, duplicates of other roads, or similar types of roads. And when I’ve been talking to visitors in the area, I’ve never had anyone able to point to a road that’s actually been closed, just roads “they’ve heard were closed.”



Thanks for supporting cancer fundraiser

As her Carson High senior class project a young lady by the name of Tess conducted a very successful fundraiser at Q’s Steaks, Bar-B-Que & Salads. This fundraiser benefited the Northern Nevada Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to, first of all Tess, her mentor Heather, the owners Mike and Linda and all the staff there at Q’s, and last but not least, the public that came in to support such a worthy cause.


volunteer, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Minden