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Letters to the editor 11-20

Liberal media already making excuses for Obama

You are making history having Guy Farmer writing commentary. His column on Sunday entitled “Let’s be realistic about what Obama can accomplish” was the first liberal apology for Obama’s election.

The guy hasn’t even taken office and already the liberal press is changing positions. Mr. Obama promised a chicken in every pot, so let’s have him deliver. If he doesn’t deliver, the conservative voters were right.

But let’s not start before he takes office compromising on his many promises. Ah, but that is the press, playing the advocate and endorsing the liberal before his election, and then after the election explaining that the candidate really can’t be held to his election rhetoric. The liberals in the media only hold conservatives to what they promise.

Liberal politicians it is understood promise everything and deliver on little except more government and higher taxes. Since that is the expectation, we are lectured by supporters such as Mr. Farmer that we should excuse the liberals.

Really we can’t hold Mr. Farmer to the test because he has already seen the “change we can believe in” is 46 former Clinton administration advisers on the 48-person Obama transition team. No wonder Mr. Farmer wants us to forgive all of Obama’s promises.

I, for one, say NO. He must deliver on all of his promises. Two words, SHOW ME, no excuses, no maybes, no partials ” if liberalism is so good, SHOW ME.



Calling Reid a liberal is not name calling

Regarding your article on Nov. 14 regarding Brian Krolicki’s run against Harry Reid. I was very enlightened. First of all, you have the two pictures labeled wrong, but that is not the purpose of this letter. The remark by Reid’s spokesman Jon Summers is one that put me on the floor with laughter. Mr. Krolicki referred to Reid as a liberal and Summers coming back indicating that Krolicki was name calling?  

After Reid lost a bid for a Senate Seat in 1974, quoting Thomas Edsall, Washington Post 2/1/05, Reid concluded “Nevada isn’t as liberal as we thought.”

National Journal Web site, accessed 12/3/04, Reid’s most recent National Journal Rating was farther to the left than liberal icons such Chris Dodd (D-CT), Charles Schumer (D-NY), and Joe Biden (D-DE).

Nonpartisan National Journal Web site accessed 12/03/04 “Reid was more liberal on economic issues than Kennedy (D-MA).” 

Non partisan National Journal Web site accessed 12/04/04, “Reid was more liberal on foreign policy issues than Schumer (D-NY) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY).”

This information came from Republican National Committee Research dated 2005. Go to the following Web site http://www.rncorg/RNCRESEARCH/READ.aspx?ID=5146.

Mr. Summers, with Obama as president and loading his top spots with known liberals will do nothing for this country except run it into the ground. Two years of a Democratic controlled Congress has put this country into a financial crisis close to what the Great Depression was. Are Democrats in Congress investigating and calling for hearings? I don’t think so nor do I expect any, only if a Republican happens to chair a Banking Committee or a Finance Committee of some sort.

Mr. Summers, Harry Reid is a Liberal and one of the worst senators this state had ever sent to Washington, D.C., and he needs to be DUMPED.

 Yours truly, a registered Democrat in Lyon County.



Thanks for the flag on Spooner Summit

Regarding the American flag flying on Highway 50 East (Spooner), THANK YOU to the person who has once again graced my daily commute with the American flag!

I never realized how much it meant to me to see it flying in the wind every day on my way home until it was gone about two weeks ago. Today, on Veterans Day, it was back.

How appropriate to see the red, white and blue banner that signifies all of our freedoms, once again gracing the rocky bluff above the valley. No matter our political party, our heritage, our skin color or our religion, this is what reminds us how very lucky we are. Thank you to the person or persons who made the effort … I, for one, appreciate it!


Carson City