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Letters to the editor

Humans are a cause of global warming

Scientists and talented observers knew for probably a thousand years before the general public that the earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa. Powerful interests distorted facts for their own agendas.

Scientists have known for about half a century that human activities were having an important and profound impact on earth’s climate. Again powerful interests are distorting the facts for their own agendas. I read my first articles on the global warming topic in the early 70s while a science student at Santa Clara University.

It is troubling to hear people who are vying for leadership of an immensely influential nation such as the United States make grossly ignorant statements regarding human activity and climate change. S. Palin, J McCain and like-minded people are wrong. I fear they are just pandering to a base of interests that are making extraordinary amounts of money in carbon production. Honest inquiries agree that the global warming we are seeing is most certainly not just a normal cyclical pattern but is largely the result of human-produced greenhouse gases.

I know many are tired of hearing about global warming. This is not a trivial issue and won’t go away just because some don’t want to believe it. It has the potential (along with over-population) of seriously jeopardizing the well-being of every resident of Nevada along with hundreds of millions of other people and other long-time inhabitants of planet earth.

If you don’t want to dig through mountains of scientific articles you can just watch a few Discover Channel presentations on the matter and get the idea.

I hope that the good citizens of this part of Nevada will recognize these facts when they are in the voting booth.



Obama an illegal alien?

There’s talk going around that the governess of Alaska, Sara Palin, is not fully qualified to become the vice-president of the United States, and if it becomes necessary, the president. Well, well! Who says Senator Barack Obama is fully qualified? He’s not even a citizen of the United States. If so, let’s have him prove it. Can he establish a birth certificate? Again if so, let’s see it. His mother and father were never even married, which makes him an illegitimate child. To top it off, our Attorney General, Michael B. Muksey, in the Justice Department in Washington, D.C., and Inspector General Glenn Fine have not taken the time to investigate and witness Sen. Obama’s credentials.

I’m not talking about witnessing his driver’s license. I’m talking about witnessing a certified certificate of birth.

Anyone and everyone who is running for office in the House of Representatives, the Senate of the Presidency should have to establish and show proof of their birth which should confirm his/her citizenship and that they are duly qualified to serve and exercise the duties of the office they are running for. We should stop taking things for granted just because they say so. Talk is cheap. Proof is better than possibility.



Heroism versus socialism

I never thought the day would come when an American hero would have to run for president against an unqualified socialist.

Then again, a few years ago we elected a draft dodger against another American hero.


Carson City

Don’t vote for either one

McCain and Obama are conjoined at the hip. There is no difference between the two. Obama’s knack for public speaking makes him the slicker of these two world class propagandists.

Change? What change? Why waste a vote on McCain or Obama? These two grifters are an integral part of the thriving, ongoing corruption in Washington, D.C. Sleaze. These thugs are no more than front men for one world government. Voters must forget America is historically a two party system and choose a worthy candidate in a third party.

Are Americans happy with the Wall Street hustle, the two wars, and myriad other problems? If not, vote for any candidate for Congress who isn’t an incumbent. These terrorists are directly responsible for America’s crises. How can a sane person vote to reelect one of these pirates?

The Village Idiot (Bush) may choose to further test America’s resolve. Martial law is lurking in the shadows. With a total sell-out of America, look for foreign soldiers manning the roadblocks.

How us peasants response will determine the fate of this once great nation.


Carson City