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Letters to the editor

Want change? Vote for Republicans

We’ve heard a lot in the last four weeks about the economic crisis we’re in. Here are some basic facts:

In November 2006, the average price for a gallon of gas was $2.20 and in many American communities you could still fill your tank for just under two bucks a gallon. At the same time, the unemployment rate was 4.5 percent and consumer confidence was at a three year high. From January 2003 through December 2006, 6.8 million new jobs were created. These are indisputable facts. Check the U.S. Dept.. of Energy and the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

Today, the price for a gallon of gas hovers around $4 a gallon and the unemployment rate is 6.1 percent. American confidence in anything the federal government does is at or near record lows. From the start of this year to the present, we’ve lost over 500,000 jobs.

The most notable change that occurred in Washington since November 2006 is that the Democrat Party gained control of both houses of Congress. The economic crisis will only deepen if the Democrats are given more control and more power. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, leaders of the Senate and the House, have led to disastrous economic policies and equally disastrous results. Voting for Democrats on Nov. 4 is a vote for more of the same policies and results.



Treated unfairly during traffic stop

Why was I pulled over? I was driving about 70 mph, which was the speed limit, when I saw a police car trying to pass me; instead, he drove near to me and looked at me like trying to tell me something. Then he passed me, and immediately moved to my lane; he started to slow down and I did the same, but I decided to pass him. Right after that he turned his lights on and through his speaker he said, “Pull over.” He approached and said, “Do you have any weapons, guns, drugs, corpses?” and I said, “What?”

Then he said, “Do you want to declare something that can put my person in jeopardy?” I said, “No.” After that he said, “Registration, proof of insurance and driver license, please.” I gave them to him and he said, “Come to my squad car to let you know why you have been pulled over.”

Then he asked me things like where I was born, how I got in the country, marital status, my mother’s maiden name, etc. I thought that this was confusion, and after clarifying everything I would be free to go; but I was there for about an hour. When I was in his care he said, “You are in trouble man; you knew that you were going to be caught, I have an order for your arrest, this car is a stolen car, and you are accused of domestic violence.” “Please be sure that I am the one you are looking for,” I said.

After some more minutes he said he was going to give me just a ticket for not wearing my seat belt, but I told him that I was wearing it, and that I live so far to go to court to tell the judge that I disagree with his decision. Then he thought for a moment and said, “I’ll be nice with you, I’ll give you just a warning for not wearing it, and remember if you help illegal people to come or move in the country, you can get in trouble.”

Was this officer just trying to do his job the best he could?


Carson City

Let Wall Street solve the problem

The U.S. government’s giving a 700 billion dollar bail-out to allegedly save our economy. I don’t think so. With their record and a nine trillion dollar debt, even the fact that suddenly Congress is trying desperately to “fix it” is like saving a ship that has been slowly sinking.

I haven’t talked to a single person who thinks this is a good deal. Government has invaded our privacy enough already. Now it is eating away at trust.

If Wall Street was greedy enough to pull this off, then let them figure it out. Isn’t this fraud?

Maybe it’s a challenge, a turning point, a time for inept Congress to deep clean.

We, the people, need to look at our own responsibility in this fiasco. While most of us do our best to work, pay taxes and bills, and vote. Maybe too many of us fall to the lure of buy-now-and-pay later, which is touted by retailers, Realtors, auto makers and other businesses.

Guess what? Americans wake up. There are no free lunches. We voted for these congressmen and women with trust that they would do their jobs. They are too busy playing big political football with the Reps against the Demos.

How about asking them to take it from the top? Congress and Mr. Bush could take salary cut backs, stop retirement pensions when they retire, dock for absentee pay when congressmen are out raising money for their own campaigns. Won’t make a dent in nine trillion but it shows intent.

What a thought! If “they” sacrificed, we might feel more open to this buy-out. I am not inclined to save big businesses or American’s sinking ship.


Carson City

It’s a good time to buy a home

I am so glad to see that you printed the Bill Steigerwald article on the bottom of last Sunday’s Opinion page in your paper. For anyone that didn’t see it, please go get a copy. It’s true that over 97 percent of home loans in the USA are NOT in foreclosure. And contrary to popular myth, there are some very solid local lenders in our area who have told me in the past week that if buyers have decent credit and a little cash they can get very good fixed rate loans.

My policy for home loans for my clients has always been “Fixed is Friendly.” This, coupled with great inventory to choose from and the lowest prices in many years, makes for a very good time to buy a home. My strong suggestion for anyone thinking of contacting a lender to pre-qualify is to call a local real estate professional and ask them for the names of several local lenders that their recent past clients have had success with. Now that the sharks (toxic lenders) have been dealt with, it is safe to go back in the water.


Carson City

We deserve better than McCain

McCain was involved with the Keating Five in the savings and loan scandal involving Lincoln and Mercury savings. He has championed himself as the deregulation man, and McCain, Bush, and their supporters wanted to privatize Social Security. If we think a 750 billion dollar bailout is a lot of money, it would have cost trillions of dollars in a bailout if Social Security had been privatized. Our country deserves better than John McCain for president.


Carson City