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Letters to the editor

A gun owner in favor of McCain

What, Sen. Barack H. Obama supports the second amendment, huh?

After reading the Nevada Appeal on 10.1.08, I checked the Internet for Barack Obama’s history on gun control.

What I found does not support his statement about the Second Amendment.

Barack Obama has always opposed right to carry laws, and has endorsed several proposals against firearms and ammunition, including: a complete ban on handguns, a 500 percent increase on federal taxes on firearms and ammunition, and a ban on all gun sales within a five mile radius of any park or school.

J.L. Renner


McCain couldn’t look Obama in the eyes

McCain not only did not look at Obama he did not listen to anything that Obama said – but I guess that is part of the game. Obama as a gentleman and a scholar is not afraid to acknowledge his opponent because he is a secure person. He feels he can meet with controversial world leaders because he is confident negotiator; even young Republicans who worked with him in law school on the law journal acknowledge that he was an effective moderator between opposing views but “can make a decision when he needs to” without detracting from those who disagree with him. McCain obviously is not confident in such a situation therefore he believes it cannot be done! Look at how he could not even look at his opponent ” how can we expect him to act differently with dislikeable world leaders. It is very frightening! Talk is always the first step. It is what we teach our children, it is the basis of good leadership. No one thinks it is easy, but apparently McCain thinks it is impossible.


Incline Village

Walt’s tax would only be on new developers

I’d like to thank every local candidate for being involved in politics, because not many people could handle the frequent scrutiny and negative publicity that is part of the political territory. As a Carson City resident and business owner, I witnessed this firsthand when one of our local candidates, Molly Walt, was misquoted in the Nevada Appeal. Since I personally attended the event at which Mrs. Walt spoke and was misquoted, I would like to present the facts, because some local businesses contacted her with concern and not all readers may have read the Nevada Appeal’s retraction after the story ran.

The Carson City Arts and Culture Coalition recently hosted a political forum, which the Nevada Appeal covered, and reported on Tuesday, Sept. 30. Mrs. Walt was quoted in the paper as saying that one way to raise more money for the local arts was to approve a 1 percent tax on businesses. Unfortunately, this is not what Mrs. Walt said, as documented in the video that was recorded at the forum that evening.

What Mrs. Walt did say is that one option for raising money for the arts is to have new developers coming into our community pay a 1 percent tax that goes specifically to the arts. This is a significantly different statement than saying we should raise taxes on all local businesses.

As voters, we should know the facts about our candidates, and we cannot solely rely on the media for obtaining those facts. If you are a local business owner and are concerned by Mrs. Walt’s recent “statement” you can visit her Web site at mollywalt.com.

Kristin Robison

Carson City

Republicans wanted to regulate banks

Near critical times inevitably opens the door to the finger pointers, Elizabeth Risenden for example, and true to form she blames all of the world’s problems on President Bush and the Republican Party. Missing from her dart throwing however is the matter of Republican-sponsored legislation to curb and regulate financial markets. Then-Chairman Alan Greenspan told the Senate Banking Committee that failure to take an action would cause the very thing that is now happening! Well, guess what, the Democrats blocked passage of the bill. Did you know about that Elizabeth Risenden?

Something happens to people when they arrive in the District of Corruption, aside from acquiring wealth ” and neither party is immune. Capitol Hill is where virtually all of our problems originate, but that hasn’t stopped voters from sending the same people (both parties) back there. We caused this, so grow up, and own up to it.