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Letters to the editor

BACamphitheater plan doesn’t fit on west side

The artist’s rendition of the Brewery Arts Center Amphitheater at Minnesota and King streets does not fit in the historical district of Carson City. What would happen to parking spaces? Does Carson City really need the facility? I love the arts that we have in Carson City both as a performer and one who goes to see performances and see other forms of art. We have the old Catholic Church that serves as a performance theater and studios. The Brewery also serves as a performance center and teaching of many forms of art. We also have the Community Center that has a great stage for all kinds of performances. It also has a venue for sport activities. The Pony Express Pavilion, such as it is, is already there for semi-outdoor uses. Western Nevada College also has facilities for performing and other forms of art. There are also other venues with the local schools and churches.

I dispute the claim that sounds from the amphitheater would not be a problem. We live at the base of C-Hill and the noise level from downtown concerts comes up loudly like the Hollywood Bowl. The noise goes late into the night and I have been told that since they get permission, there is nothing I can do about the noise.

The cost is estimated at $3.5 MILLION. Just where is that amount of money to come from in these days of economic disaster?

The opinions expressed are my own.


Carson City

Obama got 55 percent of TV screen

Did’ja notice? I watched the presidential debate Wednesday on ABC, Channel 8. It appeared to me that the image of Senator Obama on the left of the screen was larger than Senator Mc Cain on the right of the screen. Thought maybe he was just a bigger man but the lettering on the background was larger on the left also. Did’ja notice? Scrutinizing closer, it appeared that the split screen gave about 55 percent of the space to Obama and 45 percent to McCain. Did’ja notice? This is very, very subtle but seems to me to be an attempt by the liberal media to leave a visual image partial to one over the other. I don’t like it. I was more interested in the positions of the candidates than the visual distractions offered on the network. I did notice! Did’ja?


Carson City

A vote for tax increases

What does a vote for Obama mean? In simple terms you just voted a $2 trillion tax increase, according to Roger Hedgecock, a noted radio commentator. This is because Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama himself have repeatedly said they will let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010. It has helped the strata of Americans to have more money in their pockets, taking it away will not be good. We don”t want trickle-up poverty (quote from Michael Savage) in our country.

Think about that, do you want taxes to remain as they are, as espoused by Sen. John McCain, or do you want a huge tax increase? Take your choice, it is almost that simple.

Really listen to what Obama says, then changes the structure of his thoughts when he is in another state that he is campaigning in. The path to socialistic government is foremost on his mind and his backers. Think hard about your vote. And let us pray that they are legitimate votes being cast.



Watch the A&E documentary

Before you vote for President of the United States please read or watch (on A&E) the biography of John S. McCain. He has bad luck, bad judgement and bad karma.

He graduated fifth from the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. Please let’s vote for the SMART man this time.


Carson City

Seniors should take driving tests

In response to your article on the front page of the Nevada Appeal on Oct. 13, I want to express, as an almost 81-year-old senior with a driving record of 62 years with no tickets or accidents, I believe all seniors over 75 or those younger with medical conditions should be given both written and road tests.

My family thinks I am very capable to continue to drive but I’m not comfortable driving any more, so at the end of September 2008 I sold my car and my family accepts that.

I see many seniors driving that shouldn’t be and I know some personally that I would never consider getting into a car with them.

I hope laws are changed to not only protect innocent citizens driving on our streets but the seniors themselves.


Carson City

V&T would return city’s heritage

I am a Carson City native who believes that the V&T returning to Carson City would be a great benefit for all of Carson City. I was a very young girl when the train quit running, but I remember how magnificent it was to see the train steaming into town. We have already lost the V&T Roundhouse and the beautiful architecture of the children’s home on East 5th Street. All of these things were a part of our heritage, including China Town, whose people helped to build the train tracks. We have a chance to bring a part of our heritage back to Carson City. One dollar a month will be nothing compared to what it will bring back to us. If we wait, it will only cost more.

We know we shouldn’t count only on gaming to bring tourist dollars to Nevada. We have traveled to other states just to ride the trains and they were always packed with tourists. With the historical State Prison on 5th Street, the Stewart Indian School, with its walking tour, with our State Capital and our beautiful historical downtown, we can be a destination where people will want to visit. We will, as taxpayers, reap the benefits from this. Also, our children and grandchildren will enjoy a sense of our history.


Carson City

Make your house numbers visible

Last weekend I was walking in the upper Johnson Lane-East Valley area of Carson Valley. While I appreciate the independent lifestyle of many of the residents I noticed many homes did not have clearly posted street addresses. Fortunately I had the luxury of time to look for house numbers. I fear emergency responders do not.

I urge all of us to take a few minutes to check if our house numbers are clearly visible. Be sure they are large enough to see, not obscured by overgrowth, blocked by vehicles, etc. We may be preventing future heartache.