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Letters to the editor

Pick the intelligent one

At the risk of parroting others, I would like to say that we need to elect an INTELLIGENT president. If you examine their records, there is only one logical choice.



Train would be a gift to the future

The state tourism office says Nevada should expand its international tourist markets as foreign dollars go further here because of the value of the dollar. The average Chinese tourist spends $6,000 during a short stay in Reno and thousands go there rather than Carson City because there are more attractions.

Carson City is getting none of these dollars. The latest survey by the Convention and Visitors Bureau shows the city has never been a tourist destination. It’s a pass-through town.

Studies indicate the V&T Railway could change all that and bring in hundreds of thousands of tourist dollars. Even in these economically difficult times all tourist railroads have shown a profit.

Initiative CC1 ballot question needs to pass because it will only cost the average family who spends around $10,000 a year in taxable goods about 3 cents a day in additional sales tax.

The Railroad is like an insurance policy against having to raise property taxes to finance infrastructure.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to recreate a major historic treasure with lasting value for the residents of Nevada, the United States and the world. It is a gift of our history and culture to our children and all to follow because this recreated train is built to last.

What have you bought lately for 3 cents a day? You can’t even play a penny slot for more than a few seconds!

This is who we are folks. We are pioneers, we are fighters, we are compassionate for those in need, we come forward when a person is ill or his house burns down.

Don’t turn your back on this wonderful historic railroad resurrection; if you can’t see spending about 3 cents a day to make it happen, you are not a true Nevadan.


President, Northern Nevada Railway Foundation

Can’t find Assembly candidate

Children ask “Where’s Waldo?” Assembly 39 voters ask “Where’s James Settelmeyer?”

Yet again James Settelmeyer ducks contact and conversation with the voters he’s asking to elect him to the State Legislature. Instead, he secretively goes to closed meeting special interest groups. Why is that? Why won’t he stand up and be counted in open forums? Why won’t he meet with the voting public to discuss important community issues? How can we trust him to be diligent in state level public office when he ducks and avoids us here in his home town?

He missed another non-partisan forum held on 10/16/08 at Carson Valley CVIC hall. Well, he’s going to miss something else ” my vote in November. I respect his old-line family and knew his father. Arnold Settelmeyer would never disrespect his friends and community by avoiding them. He was a stand-up gentleman. I don’t believe his son is. And I evaluate the man, not his inherited name. Ms. Brown seems to be the attentive hard working reasonable person in this election. She seems to show up and do things for my community. That’s who I want to represent me in the Legislature. Stay hidden Mr. Settelmeyer; the Assembly 39 voters will help you.


North Douglas County

Wants more than drive-by media

When a person is elected, and subsequently inaugurated, as President of our United States and, constitutionally, the commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces, he/she gains access to information protected at the highest levels of security.

During nearly 40 years of private and public sector employment as a nuclear scientist, my personal background was thoroughly investigated before I was granted access to highly classified information, and then periodically reinvestigated for as long as my security clearance was in effect. If any questionable behavior traits, associations with individuals or groups known to be enemies of my country, etc., were discovered in my background, my security clearance, and hence my employment, would have been revoked.

All American citizens, before casting a vote for a President, have a right to know the proven truth or falsity of current emails and public proclamations/insinuations about Senator Obama’s associations with: 1) a known terrorist, 2) a member of the Communist Party, 3) a clergy member who preaches “G-D America”, and 4) whether Obama’s by-birth citizenship is valid.

Investigative reporting, long an established foundation of the Fourth Estate, seems to have vanished in recent times. The public is not receiving “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” from the so-called drive-by media, but deserves the right to know nothing less. Americans, demand the truth!