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Letters to the editor

Can you spare some time?

Brother, can you spare some time. I know, the original line was brother, can you spare a dime. That was back in the good old days when people had time to spare. Of course there weren’t any jobs and most people were in a daily struggle to survive. Yet they would set all worries aside if someone needed help.

Today, despite all the technology, shorter work weeks, and supposedly more spare time, we never have any time to spare. Too wrapped up in our own business. Now we have career moms, absent dads, and latchkey children. No one seems to have time to help.

Homeless people, adults who can’t read, kids with one parent and no guidance. We think to ourselves, “Somebody needs to help, but I don’t have the time.”

What is the answer? More government programs, a faster Internet, better organization? Perhaps, or maybe it’s time to shift our focus to volunteer work.

There is a desperate need for volunteers. When families volunteer there is a bond created. It takes very little time to make a huge difference. People who are active in the community have a sense of pride. A neighbor is not just next door but anyone who needs a hand.

I believe through volunteer work that we can reduce problems like gangs, and drugs.

A town or city, by definition, speaks of boundaries and population. These words are also used in the definition of community. Community, by definition, uses words like ownership and the phrase “fellowship of interest.” Through volunteer work I can move from the city to the community.

Let’s turn off our distractions, and take some time to help. The rewards are endless. So, brother can you spare some time?


Carson City

The secret to a happier life?

I want to assure Mr. Tausch (“Why I’m Not Watching TV”) that there IS life after television. In fact, I find life without TV to be of higher quality and less stress, with more personal control.

My husband and I canceled our satellite TV in August 2006. Why? The non-stop news was too depressing and repetitive. It was too expensive for the few channels we liked to watch. It was too addictive.

Since then, we have kept up with news via radio, newspaper, and sometimes a bit of Internet. We read more, walk more, talk more. Our time is more our own. And with the money we save by not subscribing to 200 channels that we don’t watch, we purchase DVDs that we DO like ” from PBS, the History Channel, documentaries, even NCIS and the Twilight Zone. We are more selective with our time and money. We have much more control over our leisure hours.

If we still had kids at home, we would have even more good reasons to “just say no” to television. By and large today, it is anything but a good influence on children and teens.

I commend you, Mr. Tausch, for your decision. I would advise it for others who feel overwhelmed by the trashy shows and less-than-objective “journalism” out there. Remember, folks, prior to the 1950s, most people lived without TV. It really can be done.

For all our satellite and cable TV, 24-hour-a-day news coverage, personal computers, Blackberries, cellphones and text messaging, are we really better informed and better off as a society today? Are we any happier than we were in the 50s ” or just more stressed out?


Carson City

Jimmy Carter wanted change, too

Are you better off than you were two years ago? That’s when the Democrats took control of Congress. Since then, the Democrat-controlled banking committees ordered the banks to make loans to people that didn’t qualify … bad credit, no credit, illegal, etc. Senator McCain introduced a bill in 2005 to stop the erratic lending practices. The Democrats testified that there was no problem and prevented it from passing.

Obama has received $400,000 in donations from Fannie Mae; Franklin Rains, Obama’s financial advisor and head of Fannie Mae, walked away with $90 million; Democrat Barney Frank, head of the House banking committee, also received donations and “sweetheart deals.” As late as July, Democrats claimed these agencies were strong and didn’t need controls or restrictions.

How about energy? The Republicans tried to introduce a bill to drill for oil off our shores. Speaker of the House Democrat Nancy Pelosi refused to allow a vote. She demanded the electricity, air conditioning, lights, microphones, etc. be shut down and ordered the press out. The Dems went on vacation. Pelosi left to “save the planet.” Many Republicans continued to stay, sans electricity, to debate and inform the public of the necessity to drill here, drill now!And a bit of info for you Bush-haters … We haven’t had another terrorist attack since 9-11. Taxes have been the lowest in history. The economy was booming until the housing market crashed, which was caused by the aforementioned risky loans pushed by the Democrat controlled banking committees.

Remember President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat and “fresh new face”? The employment rate went up to 14 percent and interest rates to 22 percent. You think it’s bad now? Vote for Obama and more Democrats.


Carson City

Subtract the politics of division

Well here we go again. Bush told us if we are not with him we are terrorists. Now the McCain campaign tells us if we don’t vote for him we are not real America. How can a supposed leader divide the people in such a way. We are all America. It doesn’t matter what color you are or what religion you choose (or lack of), we all have a common goal: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Every last person in this great country is American. To have a political party tell me I’m not a real American or Anti-American is an absolute insult. Once again a party (the same party) has struck fear into the hearts of America. Nothing can divide people more than propagating lies and fear. It is time to stop. We are a great nation with a diverse people, let’s remember that. Let’s remember that our neighbors are Americans. Let us remember that even if we disagree with one another we are still Americans. Let us remember that children of all backgrounds are dying in our wars to continue this great vision called America. Let us remember whether you come from a small town or a big city we all share a common purpose, to love our neighbor, our country, and our freedom. Don’t allow fear to take all this away from us.

A great man once said” “All we have to fear is fear itself.” This November vote for change we can all believe in.


Zephyr Cove

Supporting Kristaponis for commissioner

When Donna Kristaponis was Lyon County manager, she improved relations with the county cities, attended their city council meetings, and provided leadership in resolving issues of mutual concern. Donna recognizes that the cities and townships in Lyon County are integral to the success of Lyon County, and Lyon County is equally as important to the success of the cities and townships.

Donna is now running for Lyon County Commissioner, District One. Some readers may not know the role of the county to the cities. Here are some examples. With the exception of Yerington, police functions are provided by the county. Nothing could be more important in securing our quality of life than feeling safe, and Donna has the support of retired Sheriff Sid Smith and the Lyon County Sheriff’s Association.

The libraries and the senior centers are also run by the county. Donna recognizes the need to plan for improvements so that when the economy returns, we’ll be ready to move forward. She also supports working with the private and non-profit sectors and the school district in providing opportunities for our kids. Our facilities are provided by the same taxpayers, and Donna supports cooperating to share facilities and programs.

Please join me in voting for Donna Kristaponis.



Change unwelcome on morality issues

I hope the citizens of the United States of America have enjoyed the freedoms, which, via the goodness of God, our Founding Fathers’ wisdom and the service of our military, bequeathed to us for the past 232 years because there is a good chance, with this election, that we shall not be enjoying them much longer!

As our Founding Fathers so aptly put it, we have derived all our blessings from a very generous and benevolent Creator who only asked us in return for simple moral lives!

But, there are some among us who don’t want any part of God in the Pledge of Allegiance, on our money, in our schools, in our legislatures or anywhere else!

The ACLU is threatening to sue the Naval Academy for allowing voluntary prayer at noon meals? If the ACLU doesn’t like prayer, suppose we bring home our fighting men and women after a job well done and let the ACLU take their place! See how long they can sustain themselves … without God?

Do we want somebody in office that advocates killing the unborn or making a mockery of marriage or dictating our health care? Should we let government take our money and spend it as they will?

Adherence to the basic moral values of America by the greater number of her citizens is the only reason God has not yet turned His back on us!

And, if He does, we have only ourselves to blame!

So, wake up, America!



Hoping Arnold will find a good home

Having lived here my whole life, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people in this town. One of those people is Todd Crowell, son of Bob Crowell, running in this year’s election for mayor. Although I don’t know Bob Crowell personally, I’ve known Todd since kindergarten and he’s always been nothing short of a kind, intelligent, giving person. His house was always one of my favorites to visit not only because of the plethora of “good hiding spots” for hide and seek, but because Todd had a potbelly pig named Arnold. I’d never met anyone with a pig before and nothing was cooler at age 9 than Arnold. If you ask anybody who knew/knows Arnold, they’d all tell you that there could not be a more adored pig in Nevada.

A couple days ago I learned that later this week, Arnold will be taken away from his home because he’s not allowed to live in a residential area. Arnold’s 12 years old. He’s nearly blind and has arthritis and it seems that in this case it’d be worse and more traumatizing to move him to a strange place, especially with winter coming, when he has become accustomed to a heated private home to rest his aching bones.

I hope that further consideration can be given to this matter, but if not, I send all my support to the Crowell family. It’s devastating to know that you have to make a decision between obeying the law and keeping a loved one. I hope that Arnold can find a good home, although, I’m sure it’ll pale in comparison to the last 10 years. I know that I, along with many other people, will cherish those memories and won’t soon forget Arnold, our fellow proud Nevadan.


Carson City

Don’t take Joe the Plumber’s wealth

The Obama campaign and the media have thoroughly trashed a private citizen who answered his doorbell and tricked the Messiah into blurting out his real economic plan, “spread the wealth around.” Questions: Will this make the voters forget what Obama said? Will we now see TV trucks and mobs of reporters at ACORN headquarters demanding to know about voter fraud?

Obama would take tax dollars away from job-creating businesses, big and small, subtract 73 percent to feed the federal bureaucracy, and give the remainder to the proletariat, whether they pay taxes or not. Is that the fairest, most efficient way to spread the wealth around? Obama will face tyrants without preconditions, but never again another Joe-the-plumber.



A case of bad luck

Yes, I admit it, Senator John McCain is an unlucky individual. He had the exceedingly bad luck to be captured by his enemy and be subjected to the countless untold indignities associated with being a prisoner of war in the prime of his life all while in the service of his country. Wow, gee, bad karma there. Bad judgement, well, that is a matter of perspective. Finally, What do you call the LAST person to graduate for U.S. Naval Academy? Answer: Ensign or Second Lieutenant.



Enjoyed the ride

We had some family visiting this week and they wanted to see the progress of the V&T project. We rode the train in the late afternoon and really were excited with all the progress being made. Our grandkids especially enjoyed the tunnels and squealed with every engineer’s horn blast. Also in the flatcar with us was a family from Ireland; they were enthralled with the vistas and historical significance of the experience. We beamed with pride at their thorough enjoyment. We all have the right to enjoy this achievement and should eagerly endorse the continued work on the V&T Reconstruction. Support Question No. CC 1 at the polls and enjoy the tracks of history today as they make their way down from the Comstock.


Carson City

Train is too expensive for taxpayers

“Business and consumers must unite to fight taxes!” That is the headline for an article appearing in the October edition of “Voices of Business,” published by the Carson City Chamber of Commerce. That certainly applies to our car dealers and others who sell big cost items. Is a higher sales tax conducive to selling cars? I don’t think so. Yet raising the sales tax to fund the “choo-choo to nowhere” is exactly what the proponents of CC-1, aka “taxpayers bailout of the V&T,” are pushing. I say “nowhere” because this money will only get the tracks somewhere east of town. And where do the necessary additional funds come from? No one knows. Please do not believe these rosy projections of income or how little this thing will cost. It will cost our businesses and residents plenty!


Carson City

An Alaskan opinion on the election

Hello Nevadans from Alaska. While visiting family in your area recently I happened to catch the speech Gov. Sarah Palin gave at the Convention Center.

Up here in Alaska we have watched with the rest of the nation the fine acting job by our Governor Palin, in the debate and the few interviews McCain has allowed. It’s as though this were some fictional movie role. It’s not. This is real folks.

Here in Alaska we are amazed at the things we hear from Gov. Palin. She talks of transparency and government reform, but has no problems abusing her executive powers for personal gain (Google: Troopergate) and running a secretive administration. While President Bush and even John McCain acknowledge the dangers of global warming, Sarah Palin still doesn’t believe it’s a reality. Drill Baby Drill, is not an energy policy and war is not a foreign policy.

Governor Palin has used the good ol’boy style of politics to try to connect with voters, Joe Sixpacks, but she has no problem dressing in expensive clothing or using government resources to fund travel expenses for her family and friends. So much for government reform. I’m an Alaskan who is voting Obama/Biden.



Both parties share the blame

I’m 63, a Realtor, and a crossover Republican. Everything and everyone cannot be good or bad because of their party affiliations. Both parties are to blame for where we are today. Two years ago our economy was strong. Two years ago the Democrats took control of Congress. Both parties share responsibility. The problems started in the Clinton years when credit and lending practices were changed. I do not think either party should control both the Congress and the White House.

We should elect only senators and representatives who will support a ‘Line Item Veto’, are tough on crime, gangs and gun control. Demand offshore drilling. I think it scares the oil producing countries into lower pricing.

Sarah Palin is the only one who has had any executive experience. Look back, governors are usually the presidents for good reason. She is an outsider. That’s a good thing! I like most things the Democrats are proposing, but we cannot afford them. Under Obama’s tax plan most American’s would be taxed less, but how can we afford it? Taxes in some form would have to rise! The surplus that remained after Clinton can be attributed to military cutbacks that have crippled our military. We cannot do that again!

One final word. Get off the governor’s back. Let the legal process take its course. He has lived up to his no tax promise and he is doing everything he can.


Carson City

Former mayor weighs in on V&T

I am usually opposed to tax increases. However, I must make an exception to that authorized by ballot question CC1 that will help provide funds to complete the last section of the V&T Railroad.

Everyone in Carson City will benefit from the completion of this very special project. More tourist dollars will be spent in Carson City to help our economy.

You and I will have a great way to entertain our friends and relatives that come to visit. What an experience! A scenic train ride to and from historic Virginia City. It will be the best. Your vote for CC1 will make it happen soon.


Former Mayor of Carson City 1676-84

States should decide residency

Since when was the Constitution amended to dictate how the states shall accept people into full citizenship of the respective states? The Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution provides for the states to establish their own laws when not overruled by the U.S. Constitution.

I can’t find one word in the Fourteenth Amendment, or anywhere else in the Constitution, about the length of time a person must reside in a state in order to become a citizen of that state, which means that is left to each state to decide. Nevada provides that a person must live here for six months in order to achieve Nevada citizenship, and the right to vote as a Nevada citizen. If persons have been here less time, they are still considered citizens of the state in which they were citizens before coming here. Let them vote absentee in those states. They can’t know enough about Nevada to be informed voters here.

Don’t allow the federal government to interfere in states’ rights. It’s unconstitutional. Vote no on Question One.


Topaz Lake