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Letters to the editor

Am I a true Nevadan?

OK, I’ve got it Ms. Ayres. I am not a true Nevadan if I don’t want to pay extra taxes for a project that probably won’t get built (the V&T), run by people who don’t manage very well, to support a private business (the railroad operator). Uh-huh.


Carson City

Obama sounds like a socialist

Vote for Obama if you don’t like your money and want to Live in the Socialist Republic of the United States!

On YouTube there is an interview Obama did and he advocates distribution of wealth. The Constitution protects us from such acts. But he is advocating Legislation that would change that. So if you don’t mind giving your hard earned money to people who have not earned it then Vote for Obama and his Socialist view.


Carson City

Some votes are race-based

Regarding Sunday, Oct. 26 Appeal’s commentary by Guy W. Farmer who called Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity “blowhards.”I believe any one eligible to vote can choose who he likes. But Guy Farmer says Powell had his reason for voting for Obama. That’s fine with me!But one thing I don’t agree with is when he says the Republicans Limbaugh and Hannity were calling it race-based.

Tell me Mr. Guy W. Farmer ” when 90 percent or more blacks are predicted to vote for Obama ” if Obama were completely white ” would blacks vote 90 percent. I’ll take the bet (you name it). They would not.


Carson City

Return the McCain sign, please

On Saturday evening, someone stole the McCain/Palin sign I had in front of my office on my property. I called the Republican headquarters in Carson only to find out that many of the McCain/Palin signs have disappeared or have been defaced in the Capital City. What is going on here?

I can only assume that this activity is being done by juveniles. Because, if it is done by adults, I am very concerned about the misdirection of these individuals. Isn’t America all about freedom? Isn’t America for free elections? Political signs are part of our freedom. Someone out there doesn’t believe in freedom of expression.

I have to assume the thieves are supporters of the other candidate. If they are juveniles, it doesn’t say much for their parents. If they are adults, then where do they want America to go in the future? Do we arrest those who have the audacity to support a candidate they don’t want. How far do we go with this?

Maybe someday we start by putting in concentration camps those that put up the “wrong” sign. After that, why not go a step further, arrest anyone who does not agree with what you say. History has shown that when tolerance for others with different political positions is no longer the status in a free society, then the society is no longer free. Is that what you want, sign thief?

Did you read your history about Lenin, Stalin and Hitler? Those who did not agree went to their deaths. Many were the well-educated; like the lawyers, judges, the doctors and the teachers. Think about it sign thief. If you have any character at all, you will return the sign you stole while trespassing in the dark of night on my property.


Carson City

Unimpressed with McCain in debate

After watching the debate, I will not vote for McCain.

In the first minute, he used the word “angry” to describe Americans four times! OK John, we get it! I, like most Americans, am trying to figure out how I will ever be able to retire! The current administration has bungled the economy, and who knows when we will recover.

On healthcare, John stated that his plan would cover everyone “except gold card members, like cosmetic surgery and transplants.” My son waited seven years for a kidney transplant, and now McCain wants to deny him coverage! His anti-rejection drugs cost over $1,000 a month without coverage! And how can you compare cosmetic surgery with life saving organ transplants!

On education, McCain’s plan is “troops to teachers.” He said, ” let them teach, without the numerous tests and certifications that some states require.” Now John, this means high school graduates, maybe with a “C” average, or a GED, can join the service, learn to shoot a gun, and be qualified to teach our children and grandchildren! Oh, and they can join the military with a felony record! What does this say to my daughter who went to school for seven years to get a Master’s in secondary education?

Finally, on Sarah Palin ” you feel she is qualified. I do not. I think she is too inexperienced to step in as Commander in Chief if something happens to you. Also, I don’t know about her experience with autism, since her child has Down’s Syndrome. Is one of her other children autistic, or did you just confuse handicaps, John?

So I will not be voting for John McCain, and I hope others will think hard about the issues when they cast their ballot.