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Letters to the editor

Not interested in funding a train

Enough already! Every day you run a wonderful article or letter about our great train.

Free train tickets. Right. Only a certain amount, not for the month of October as advertised until we found out it was limited. Of course how can we pay more to ride a train we’ve already paid $26 million for? What a deal. Thanks. You want $10 million more? People are out of work. The cost of goods we deem necessary to live are way up. Police, firemen, unemployed families, hard-strapped homeowners, people barely hanging on; these are the ones we should help. They need our help.

My vote is NO on your toy train. We’ll get our money back in 99 years. Who? I’ll be dead. The casinos and politicians will profit, as usual. The rest of us, we’re stuck with $10 million more and the predictions of the original cost of over $50 million going over budget are a bleak reality to our future.

The people who will profit from the train need to pick up the cost. We’ve put in $26 million. That’s enough.

If we’ve got $10 million to spend as a city, let’s get everyone back on their feet and provide the services to all of our citizens, not fund a train ride for the few.


Carson City

Weighing options on public safety question

I am reading things to help me decide on the public safety question, CC2, on my ballot.

Arguments against it say it can rise above the property tax cap and that it will increase with the value of our homes and that it is not needed because the city is not growing. Right now it would increase my taxes by $140, roughly.

On the other hand, with a worsening economy and the housing bubble burst, the value of our homes appears to be decreasing, and because of the economy, crime is likely to increase without growing the population, and because of global warming, the incidence of fires is likely to increase without growing the city.

I hate to be pessimistic, but I am, and I think I will play it safe.


Carson City

Campaign sign was stolen

This morning my husband and I noticed that someone stole our McCain/Palin sign last night from our front yard. I guess some people feel that they must win at any cost so they have no qualms about trespassing on private property and committing theft. It just shows how far some citizens are willing to go to get their guy elected. What happened to my freedom of speech on my property?


Carson City

What if Obama loses?

Should Obama lose the Presidential election, would his wife, Michele, then stop being proud of our country and return to her former dishonoring American self? And would Barack, himself, return to his demeaning American church of 20 years – the blaspheming Rev. Wright’s!


Carson City

Believes in the Democrats

Do you want a hundred year war as the great John McCain wants? Even though we can’t afford it. Or do you want a decent form of government that we should have and are entitled? Please answer that.

And as for the pretty Sarah Palin, do you want her facing off with Chinese warlords, if she were to become our president? I don’t. Even though I have been married to a very wonderful woman for over 62 years.

My wife would be a better president and all I can say again is that our younger people had better take control of our once great country and vote the only right way and that is Democratic. After eight years of the Republicans who, I believe, are leading us down the road to another great depression.

Again, I say, all you Republicans stay home. Give our once great country a chance to recover.

I really believe this ” as a former vet.


Carson City