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Letters to the editor

In support of Roberts for commissioner

I urge you to vote for Chuck Roberts for Lyon County Commissioner representing District 1 in Dayton Valley, Mound House and Silver City. Chuck is a team player. Chuck has displayed his ability to work alongside local citizens in his many years of volunteering with various citizens groups, including the Central Lyon County Master Plan Committee, the committee to study the pros and cons of incorporation in the Dayton area, and the Mound House Town Advisory Council.

As a local business owner, Chuck is aware of the many challenges facing small businesses in Lyon County. He supports fiscal responsibility throughout the county.

Being a current member of the Lyon County Planning Commission, Chuck has the experience and knowledge for land use decision-making. He recognizes the need for diversity in commercial, industrial, and residential development.

And most importantly, Chuck is honest, forthright and dedicated. In no way is he affiliated with any special interest groups in Lyon County. As a long time resident of Lyon County, I encourage you to support Chuck Roberts for Lyon County Commissioner.



Kristaponis would be independent

The upcoming local election is very important to all Lyon County residents. In particular, the race for commissioner seats. There is a clear choice for the District 1 seat. If you are a positive, forward thinking person and would like to see Lyon County grow, but in a well planned manner, please vote for Donna Kristaponis. She has a very well defined background in planning and community development. She will definitely represent Northern Lyon County. Her opponent, Chuck Roberts, is supported by the commissioners from the south, Honeywell and Tibbals (Not to mention Tom Grady). If you like the way the political power is presently distributed, then you should support Mr. Roberts.

Donna Kristaponis was fired by Hunnewell, Tibbals and Milz. She is an independent thinker and obviously had problems with the politicians from the south. While Mr. Milz lives in the north, he votes along with the Commissioners from the south on a regular basis. If you like the idea of the tail wagging the dog, you will want to vote for Mr. Roberts. If you like the idea of having the political clout more representative of the population, please vote for Donna Kristaponis.


Silver Springs

Why he’s voting for Obama

John McCain believes that the deregulation and the tax incentive for the big businesses would create more jobs. I don’t agree.

For example, during this economic recession, the high cost of living weakened the American dollar, and consumers lost their purchase power. The businesses have to cut back, and thousands of jobs lost. It is evidence that only a strong consumer’s purchase powers can help the businesses to create more jobs.

John McCain wants only to cut the rich tax. His “the rich first plan” will make the rich more rich; the poor more poor; and the middle classes become poor. And some unfortunate families will be bankrupt because of the high cost of health care.

John McCain has health care coverage from the government. But he doesn’t want American tax payers to have the same kind of coverage. He wants to take $5,000 from Social Security to give to the people to buy their insurance. His plan is ruining the Social Security System. And there is no guarantee that people can get their insurance.

Barack Obama believes that the regulation is necessary to prevent future Wall Street financial crisis. He wants to eliminate the tax incentive for the big businesses. I agree that the big businesses making money from this country should pay their share.

Barack Obama wants to cut the middle class tax. He understands that the middle class is the American backbone. They hold most purchase powers, and pay most taxes to the country.

Barack Obama understands that he has health care coverage from the government, the American tax payers absolutely deserve the same kind of coverage. His health care plan to cover every American is trustful. And I believe that he is better to lead the country.


Carson City

Why he’s voting for McCain

Obama’s campaign seems like a play right out of the Clinton Campaign Handbook. If you are old enough to remember, former president Bill Clinton campaigned on lower taxes for the middle class. He was a staunch ally of the middle class and to lower the taxes. I remember the rhetoric he spewed during his campaign. I don’t remember if it was before or after, “yes, I smoked marijuana, but I didn’t inhale.” However, I do remember him stating unequivocally that he would lower taxes for the middle class.

Then, just 26 days after taking office he put into effect the largest tax increase in American history telling the middle class that it was patriotic to pay more in taxes and that he needed the money to fund the programs that he and Hillary had envisioned.

Sound familiar? Be aware, very aware when going into that voting booth on Nov. 4. Personally, I am going with the war hero with a proven history of love of country, service to his country and the experience needed to run the country.



The case against Obama

A spreading-the-wealth answer and the flow from the bottom up ad importantly reveals Obama’s economic beliefs. Don’t take my word for it; read Obama’s own books in their order followed by “The Case Against Obama”!

You can call it Marxism, socialism, or politically correct far-left economics. Whatever you call this belief, history shows it never has worked.

Don’t falsely shift the fault of your economic or personal choices to blaming the system you view as evil. You made that choice!

During this economic crisis or for that matter anytime, it would be stupid to replace our successful capitalist system.

We’re all “Joe the Plumber”.



Imagine if we’d privatized Social Security

So let me get a few things straight. A few months ago, McCain said “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Good observation. Bush, McCain and the GOP greedy braintrust thought it would be a great idea to privatize Social Security and hand over trillions of dollars to the crooks of Wall Street. Brilliant! More sound judgement! How many millions of American elderly would be homeless and starving right now if that was permitted?


Carson City

Heller would help preserve free market

I’m a third generation Nevada rancher, a real estate broker and developer and I’m asking you to re-elect Dean Heller. My grandparents were Italian Immigrants who came to this country in hopes of living the American Dream, where if you worked hard, saved your money, and lived thriftily you would be rewarded.

I believe Dean Heller understands the importance of keeping government out of the free enterprise system so that Americans can achieve the American dream, contrary to the socialist agenda that we are constantly being pushed into where regardless of how hard you work everyone gets the same services.

I’m asking for support for Congressman Heller for some of the same reasons Jill Derby is trying to discredit him for, primarily his votes against government subsidy of ethanol for fuels from corn, which has caused lower cattle prices for Nevada ranchers. Higher prices caused by demand for corn have increased the corn market to a point that feeders who normally buy our feeder cows and calves are having a hard time penciling a profit. If government stayed out of the picture the free market would be dictating our prices and with the predictions that we’re going to see the largest corn crop in the U.S. that we’ve ever seen then we should be seeing good demands and prices for our cattle rather than lower demand and prices. In addition to his vote against the ethanol subsidy, he voted against the bail out, which shows that he’s his own man not the vote-alike person depicted in Derby’s ads.

We need representation in Congress by someone who understands the more government pays for the higher our taxes are and the weaker the free enterprise system that made our country strong becomes.



Derby’s plan wouldn’t cover illegals

I am concerned about Congressman Dean Heller’s most recent television advertisement which falsely states that his Congressional Challenger Jill Derby supports free health care for illegal immigrants. He cites the S-CHIP bill, a bill which would have provided healthcare and check ups for thousands of Nevada children, it’s something Mr. Heller voted against. This is not true, it would not cover illegal immigrants and specifically states that children must be legal U.S. residents for 5 years before they can qualify for coverage I am personally disturbed by this commercial and why Rep. Heller would publish such lies. Jill Derby has won my vote.



McCain out of touch with America

Who do you know who owns at least seven homes, 13 cars, a Gulfstream Jet, and who wears $300,000 outfits? If you answered the McCains, you’re right.

We have nothing against people making lots of money. What we question is living a life of colossal wealth and luxury and at the same time calling yourself a public servant, while some of the poorest people in the nation, who literally live in abject poverty, reside in your state.

We’ve driven through some of the Indian reservations in Arizona. You forget you’re in the United States as you see people living in shacks, some without clean water, plumbing, or electricity.

In our mind, a true public servant couldn’t live like a king while some of his constituents have 50 percent unemployment, five times the national suicide rates and, we wouldn’t doubt judging by their razor thin, rib-protruding dogs, go to bed hungry.

And, John McCain obviously feels that he doesn’t own enough luxuries because he wants to continue Bush’s tax policies: Tax breaks for the richest of the rich while the rest of the nation (approximately 95 percent of us) pays for those tax breaks.

John McCain doesn’t realize that ordinary Americans aren’t trying to decide which car to drive today or which house to stay at; we’re trying to figure out how to pay our mortgages on our one home and feed our families.

John McCain is out of touch not only with his own constituents in his state of Arizona but with approximately 95 percent of all Americans.


Carson City

My plan for wealth redistribution

The latest Obama-camp buzzwords, wealth distribution, initially had me irate at such anti-free market, anti-constitutional, and anti-Founding Fathers principles. Income redistribution can be labeled many things, but certainly not fair! However, on second thought, I recognized that this could be a good thing. We just need to fine-tune the methodology. Don’t base income redistribution on individual and household incomes or corporate earnings, base it on government professions and jobs.

YES! Let’s start with all the Washington bureaucrats; then all the elected federal, state, and local officials; all the paid appointed positions; every paid federal, state, and local employee, and every person on the payroll of the thousands of three-letter federally designated bureaucracies. Mandate that each of these thousands and thousands of persons turn over 50 percent of their annual income (including perks of course) into a WRF (Wealth Redistribution Fund) to return the monies to the law-abiding taxpayers who fund these bureaucrats and continue to support them financially.

As much as I dislike the term “fair” distribution, this would be the most fair and the best economic stimulus package I could envision.



Why I don’t agree with Obama

Obama is anti-gun, I believe it is my right under the Second Amendment to own firearms.

Obama is for a bigger government. I believe the federal government is already too big and as a result, too incompetent.Obama is anti-big business. I believe businesses, large and small, are the backbone of our economy and obviously provide most of the jobs. Everyone can’t work for the government.

Obama wants to provide vast sums of our money to cure the ills of third world countries. I believe we already spend too much on them. Some of those countries have problems that can’t be solved by money. Additionally a lot of that money is wasted for various reasons. World charities do a much better job than our government.

Obama wants to severely cut back the military budget to pay for his grand scheme to support the third world countries, I am for a strong defense. We don’t need another 9/11 that was a result of the Clinton Administration cuts in the military budget.

Obama has ties to William Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist. This makes me question his motives. Obama believes that, if elected he will become ruler of the world as well as ruler of the United States. I would prefer a president with a little more humility.

Obama’s dream of creating a “National Civilian Defense Force” sounds too much like the Gestapo.

Obama thinks that if we keep the pressure in our automobile tires up to standard, it will solve the oil crisis. An irresponsible statement.

This is the beginning, need I say more?


Carson City

It’s the economy, McCain

As we all know, “It’s the economy, stupid !”

John McCain has said that he does not know much about economics. Sooooooo, does this not imply that John McCain is too stupid to be president ?


Carson City

Don’t be taken in by smooth talk

We have just started removing the media’s shields and peeling back the Teflon coat from Obama’s judgments, beliefs, plans and associations influenced by Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Frank Marshal Davis and Saul Alinsky. Maybe this is the wrong question! Maybe, we should be asking why Marxists, socialists, racists, dictators, and terrorists like Hugo Chavez, Louis Farrakhan, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran), Hamas, CARE, etc. are supporting and pulling for Obama. What is it about Obama they find so captivating! Maybe the change to socialism!

Saul Alinsky says camouflage your true self. Then like vultures swoop down when dissatisfaction (economic crisis) is high. Rub salt in the wound until the discontent erupts toward the revolution of change! Socialism!

History teaches that just voting for one’s eloquent speech has led to catastrophe. Voters may feel we owe the blacks. Probably, but not this kind of change from a capitalist economy supported by a representative democracy to what ” socialism! Let’s change to Reverend Wright’s South American socialism. That’s worked well! Not.

If the light on the hill is finally extinguished, the hope of promise is gone! Where will the world go for help. Who can they count on. The oppressed seeking a better life have no where to go!God save us from that kind of change. Let our children and grandchildren experience the promise of America.

Let the light continue to shine.



Does Crowell have conflicts of interest?

In the Nevada Appeal, (Wednesday Aug. 8, 2008), there was an article on page 1, regarding campaign contributions. The article indicated the amount, and source of the funds for each of the candidates running for Carson City Mayor.

I am a resident of Carson City. As one of the, “We the People”, referred to in the constitution of the United States of America, and, as a person who is a believer and firmly committed to Government “Of the People, By the People and For the People” in all levels of government; today’s article raised some red flags for me. Let it be stated at this point that I do not know Mr. Crowell or of his public record. However when I look at the list of contributor it gives me pause for concern. Quoting the Appeal, “Crowell’s contributions came from a wide variety of western Nevada’s most prominent businesses, ranging from casinos to developers and law firms…” This now begs the question, why do these business interest support Mr. Crowell? Based on historical data, businesses always operate for their own self interests. That is the nature of business. These are “for profit” organizations and very rarely are motivated for altruistic reasons. Now that I have framed my concerns, my question Mr. Crowell is: How do you plan to reassure the residents of Carson City that in the event of a conflict of interests between the business community and the residents that you will support the majority, which inevitably will be the residents?

Remember, it will be the votes of the residents of Carson City that will select the next mayor, not the contributions of “special interests”.


Carson City