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Letters to the editor

City must fix Northridge traffic problems

Greetings from Northridge Drive. You know us, we’re the ones with your 24 hour a day super Wal-Mart shoehorned up against our homes. We’re the one’s who have seen their previously serene residential corridor converted into a 24-hour a day NASCAR/Grand Prix crossover track, complete with cars plowing into houses, fences mowed down with regularity, and a myriad of accidents.

Apart from the breathtaking near misses, we are serenaded to the wee hours with the seismic blasts from “boom boxes.” We’re the ones who two deputies, while cleaning up the last multi-car accident, called Northridge the “most dangerous street in Carson City.”

We’re the ones who your own RTC representative and traffic engineer upon prodding, discovered egregious “sight and distance defects at various points on Northridge, all endangering our safety.”

We’re the ones paying the highest price for probably the most callous, insensitive and co-opted piece of planning imaginable.

My own fence on Northridge has been sideswiped by speeding vehicles several times. Entreaties to the city for meaningful mitigation of the issues which have degraded our homes have been met with contemptuous indifference and a myriad of excuses. The option of no action is always justified, although my own street was threatened with a barricade by the RTC has possible mitigation to the city’s negligent planning, which applies to Carson Crossing as well.

Taxpayers should consider contracting out key administrative positions throughout the city government and RTC so that accountability and removability are features of their taxpayer enabled employment. I would also say that the planning disaster perpetrated on Northridge residents, particularly by the untenable Wal-Mart placement, needs further mitigation before anyone can call this mess a finished product.

No homeowner-taxpayer quality of life should be considered expendable as it so surely has been on Northridge by the current contingency of city overseers.


Carson City

Be careful where you run

An open letter to the young mother who runs behind a double baby carriage on Winnie Lane.

I am concerned about the lives of this young woman and the two small children in the carriage, also the dog that she sometimes has with her.

These roads are very busy. A few seconds of inattention or a medical problem on a driver’s part and the whole family could be killed.

Silver Oak subdivision and also Longview subdivision has nice safe wide walkways. I would advise her to use these areas for her runs with the babies.


Carson City

Hospital staff showed compassion

This is not a letter about politics or other issues, this is a letter of thanks to Carson Tahoe Regional Hospital.

I want to say thank you to all of them for the care and love and tenacity they all had in the battle to save my husband Valter Montanari the night between October 19/20 .

All of them: Nurses and doctors were just amazing human beings!

All of them cared for me and my husband and they care just because they all have a heart! In my pain I cannot forget about them and how LUCKY we are to have them in this town! That makes me so proud of this town and to be an American!

I always said since I became one that the most beautiful thing in this country was the heart of his people and the HUMANITY that I saw in each and every one of us and every day. My husband and I are so proud and grateful, even if he lost the battle, of the men and women of Carson Tahoe Regional Hospital!

Thank you so much!

In memory of my Dear husband, Valter Montanari who died on Oct. 24 of pancreatic cancer.


Carson City

Sign thefts happen to both parties

I have seen a few letters to the editor about campaign signs being damaged or stolen. In Fridays paper there was a letter about a McCain sign that was stolen and said “I guess some people feel that they must win at any cost so the have no qualms about trespassing and committing theft. It just shows how far some citizens are willing to go to get their guy elected.” I guess by using that logic it means that there is a conspiracy within the Obama support group that has us going out and stealing signs. Well I guess that means that Sarah Palin came by my house, interrupting her clothing shopping trip to the Summit and took my Obama sign right out of my yard. Instead of crying foul and blaming the other party, I went out and got another sign, a couple of bumper stickers and buttons to make sure I could show my support for the candidates that I support. Ms. Chambers I would think that you would have done the same.


Carson City