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Letters to the editor

Clearview cooperation appreciated

We would like to thank the business owners along Clearview Drive and the motoring public for your cooperation over the last four weeks during the reconstruction of Clearview Drive.

Traffic was limited to one way westbound on Clearview through most of the past four weeks to minimize the length of time required to reconstruct the road. On Oct. 25, with the concurrence of the business owners, we closed the road to traffic entirely in order to reduce the paving time from two days to one day.

We look forward to returning your road to you in a safer and more functional condition.

We recognize that road construction impacts some sectors of our community more than others and, although all road work tends to be inconvenient, maintaining our streets in serviceable condition is critical to commerce and to the comfort of our motoring public. We thank you again for your understanding and cooperation.

Shelly Aldean and Patrick Pittenger

RTC Chairman and City Transportation Manager, respectively

Enjoyed running for supervisor

Regardless of how the voters chose their next set of supervisors and new mayor, I have to make it clear that I have enjoyed the past five plus months tremendously!

From the events leading up to the primary election, through all of the candidate events which followed and the 24,000 folks who felt what I had to say important enough to visit my Web site. There has never been a moment that was unpleasant.

Walking the neighborhoods and talking to folks provided an insight into the citizens of Carson City that proved again the fact that we are a community, and that virtually everyone is courteous and kind. Even those who expressed opinions that may have differed from mine were kind and courteous. Who can ask for more than that?

Thank You Carson City from the bottom of my heart!

Now get behind those you the voters have chosen ” whether or not you actually voted for them ” and make sure you tell them what you think. Don’t let them off the hook now that the election is over!


Carson City

Trying to stop junk mail

Would you please convey the following tidbit of information to your readers.

If you are sick and tired of junk mail contact the “Mail Preference Service,” Director Marketing Association, P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008. Tell them to remove your name and address from all direct mailing lists!

This is only one of 15 direct mailing companies. If you can get off one mailing list it is a start! This company handles some 7,000 accounts in North America; that is 7,000 companies who won’t be sending requests for donations and mailers for non-profit organizations, i.e. junk mail!

Best of luck!


Carson City

Chickens should be on farms, not in city

It appears that criminal actions on the part of Peter Hansell and wife Barbara Howe are the kindling for anarchy in our once upon a time civilized community. Blatantly flaunting violation of the Municipal Code 7.13.190 in no less than two Nevada Appeal articles (June 4, 2008 and October 18, 2008) in the last 5 months, with no action by Animal Services authorities or local law enforcement, gives the impression our Carson City citizens can and do violate laws at will with no expectation of punishment by our appointed and elected officials. Maybe it is because the violation seems unimportant or unworthy of our public servants’ time and energy.

But consider this: The property of the violation is less than two blocks from open land where bear sightings and evidence of bear activity have been discovered. Would it not be a tragedy if our community and a family lost a small child because of the selfish, thoughtless and unlawful acts of inconsiderate and arrogant citizens who place themselves above the law? Bears are notorious for their unbridled strength in the pursuit of food, and a squawking, plump Rhode Island Red makes a handsome feast to be followed by a neighborhood child.

As a tax paying citizen, when public safety is at stake I expect immediate action by the appropriate authorities when articles written by a Nevada Appeal staff writer, in which authorities were quoted, indicate a clear violation of the Municipal Code; at a minimum, an investigation should be conducted and the appropriate punishment administered. The property in question is within the city boundaries and the laws should be enforced, period! There is no sane argument for violating laws.

The precursor to the chickens were several geese; hence, if Hansell and Howe are predisposed to farm animals as pets, then I suggest they move to a farm outside the city limits. Otherwise, dispense justice and punish the violators immediately! This has gone on too long … enough is enough!


Carson City