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Letters to the editor

It’s time for term limits

The following is an old saying that has always been true but does not completely describe our current government.

“Diapers and politicians should be changed regularly, and for the same reasons.”

Our current crop of non-representatives in the house and senate are all owned by big money entities and don’t give a rat’s patooty about America or its citizens. Their only concern appears to be maintaining the power they hold and to this end they lie, steal, and sell themselves to the highest bidder. To lobby is just another word for bribery and the perpetrators and the recipients of these bribes should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And if there is no law against it, then we had better see that one is passed.

If “we the people” are to survive as a nation of free people, we all must stand up and demand term limits in both houses. Two four-year terms for the senate and three two-year terms for the house.

The disgustingly bloated retirement system for these freeloaders must be revoked and they should all be included in the Social Security plan that the rest of us have. Maybe then they would quit robbing the fund and start re-paying all that have looted out of it.

Campaigns need to be funded with an equal, set amount of money for every candidate and anyone who spends a dollar more than the allotted amount should be disqualified from the race. The buying of public office needs to be stopped.

The despicable, dishonest, and dangerous practices that are apparent in the current presidential race do a great disservice to our country.

We defeated the British to start this country, surely we can find a way to dislodge the scum that has risen to the top of our government, and elect some honorable representatives to replace them.

God save us from becoming a socialist, communist, or any other “ist” society. This is America and we are a sovereign and free country, for now anyway.


Carson City

Outraged at request to lie

I am writing you to express my outrage over an incident that recently happened to me. I am employed at a local retailer and was approached by an individual that was obviously from another country. He requested that I sign a government document that would show that he had applied for work and was denied due to the retailer not hiring. I told him that he could apply for employment with our store as we are always hiring. He did not even attempt to apply. Instead he approached another employee and asked that he sign the document. My coworker also declined. He then came back to me, took one of my business cards and said, “I just take your card and put your name down for you.” I think hard working Americans trying to make ends met and feed their family can relate to my outrage!

Why are we continuing to teach non-Americans to buck the system and then never even challenge that it is legitimate? We’re telling them that hard work is not what this country was built on. Instead we are teaching them that being lazy is the American way. Our forefathers worked, fought and died for us to have the freedom and wealth that we all work so hard for.

We need to stop this kind of behavior. We are ruining this great country.

If this kind of conduct continues unchallenged, the borders of this country will change.


Carson City

What’s considered cheating?

All parents of students of Carson Middle School should advise their children that if a teacher observes them looking at another child’s homework paper and writing on own their homework paper, it is considered cheating and they will be punished as such regardless of the explanation.

My daughter let her designated math partner, who had missed the explanation the day before, look at her homework paper to check if the answers were correct before school had started. The other student had attempted the homework and was correcting the work by looking at my daughter’s homework when she was observed by a teacher for more than 2 minutes as “copying” from my daughter’s homework. All attempts to explain are met with, “this is school policy and both girls will be punished as such.” If your student attempts to let someone else learn how something was done by letting another student check how their work compares to your student’s then, they are considered to be cheating. Make sure your students are warned that they should not attempt to help another student and to keep all of their homework safely in their backpack. They should not remove their homework before they are safely in a classroom with their teacher looking at them so that they are not accused of cheating.


Carson City