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Letters to the editor

Has confidence in new president

I have been an independent voter for many years and have observed the ups and downs of many fine candidates representing the Democratic and Republican parties.

The recent election was critically important because it was clearly evident that our nation desperately needed to elect a president who is capable of taking our country in a positive direction. I am confident that Barack Obama has the ability to successfully pursue that course, for the following reasons:

1. President-elect Obama will be a leader who has qualities and aspirations that Americans need in their new president. To name a few, he is intelligent, disciplined, even-tempered, willing to listen to others and resolute in his determination to protect and improve American lives.

2. He will surround himself with highly capable, experienced, hard-working individuals from both parties, who will make up his “team.”

3. He will be determined to enhance the tarnished global image of our great country.

The path he travels will be an exceedingly difficult one and in some cases progress will be slow, however with the support of both parties and the backing of millions of open-minded, objective Americans, there is every reason to believe he can and will prevail.


Carson City

Pit bulls can be good pets

As there have been several stories lately about unprovoked attacks by pit bulls, I feel I should share some research that I recently did. Basically, it said that pit bulls were bred to be aggressive to other animals and friendly to humans and were often used to pull carts as they were so strong. Dogs that were not friendly to humans were eliminated from the gene pool. To adult humans they are usually affectionate, kind and loyal, which is probably why owners are resistant to the idea of banning their breeding.

That said, it is important to remember that a child or another animal is not an adult human. Therefore, pit bulls should never be left alone with another animal, even a sibling, or with children. Nor should they be taken to dog parks where another dog could inadvertently set them off, nor should they be taken for walks as they are so strong they can easily pull away from their owner’s control before they realize what is happening. Their aggression to other animals usually does not show up until they are one or two years of age. It goes without saying that pit bulls belong in an adult family where they are the only pet. There are many pit bull mixes in animal shelters that would make a perfect loving pet for adult families with a yard where they can be turned loose. Just don’t mix them with other children or pets.



Gratitude for help from strangers

Thank you! On Oct. 5 I fell in a parking lot. Some nice people helped me, I am sorry to say I did not get names. You know who you are; one stayed with me while another went to get help. Also to Vickey and husband, I want to thank you for your care and concern.


Carson City

Pet advice for the Obamas

My husband and I believe the Obama Family must sincerely consider finding and accepting an “All-American” breed from a reputable rescue organization, or even the local public animal control facility. What a statement to true change this would be!

There are so very many wonderful puppies, young and “mature” dogs needing homes. To purchase a “designer pooch,” from a “puppy mill” situation, or even a pure-bred dog at the behest of the American Kennel Association is not (in our humble opinion) making a good statement to the thousands of animals being abandoned to the loss of jobs and homes in this challenging economic turndown.

Please consider this. Perhaps even two White House dogs? We are sure the first family has many resources at their beck and call to make this happen.

We are sure the Obama girls will love an adoptee dog ” and for sure, the lucky pick(s) will be so grateful to have such a happy home.

We speak from experience, as we are owners of a rescued Pyrenees, our “joy-boy,” Gunnar ” whom we adopted when he was only 18 months old.


Silver Springs

A plea to the Democrats

I used to be a Democrat, that at a time when the two major parties were the Republicans and the Democrats. Today I am a Republican, this at a time when the two major parties are the Republicans and the anti-Republicans. I have not been happy with the Republican party, but the Democrat party has offered even less. They have spent inordinate amounts of time and energy talking about, complaining about, fighting with and bashing the Republicans. I can’t help wondering how much better off we would all be if they had put all that time and energy into solving the real problems facing our country.

To the leaders of the Democratic party I offer this challenge: Stop wasting your time and mine telling me how bad your opposition is; instead, tell me how good you are. Tell me what you are working to accomplish. Share with me your plans, aspirations and your hope for the future. Ask me to join and support you as you work to solve real problems and make this country a better place for all of us. Make me proud to be part of the democratic process and of the Democrat party. With your increases in both houses and a president in the White House, you may never have a better chance to mend your ways.



Support Obama? No way

Although I could use the money and cheaper insurance rates that Obama was promising, I couldn’t vote to have a tax increase levied upon the small businesses of this country to get it. They pay more than their fair share as it is. And I couldn’t bring myself to vote for a man that 65 percent of our troops don’t want as commander in chief. I would rather fight off a polar bear with a switch than do that.

For those of you looking forward to the checks you will receive each year from the Obama plan, think about the people you are going to put out of work just so you could get a free hand out and cheaper insurance. And please ask yourself,” How American is that?”

I was in the army during the Vietnam War. I never made it to Vietnam, but that didn’t keep the soldiers in my unit and I from being disrespected on several occasions by the yellowback, bluebelly liberals of that era. And now I’m seeing it happen all over again, just in a different, hurtful way.

In his concession speech, Sen. McCain asked his supporters to support Obama. Sorry, no can do. Just as you Obama supporters would not support president Bush or our troops when they needed you, I will not support you or your president, but unlike you I will always support our troops. Always!


Carson City

You brought this on yourselves, young voters

I weep for this nation.

Thanks to blind devotion and not thinking, we now have a man elected who wishes to socialize the nation and not just medically. Good job young people. It took a lot of ego to vote for Obama; most of you can’t name a single one of the actual differences between the candidates but still choose the one that was the better speaker, and can’t name one policy of either man.

We’ve elected a man who has openly said he wants to restrict hate speech, thusly silencing freedom of speech. A man who has voted time and time again to restrict peoples’ rights to defend themselves whilst claiming firearms should be curtailed in cities and metro areas. A man who is ever lowering earnings (250k then 200k, now its all the way down to 125k of combined household income) cap will take away money from those that work the hardest/smartest and are the most likely to create new jobs and spend money at our existing ones.

When the thought police and the tax men come to your home, remember you brought this on yourselves, but don’t worry … it’s only four years ” what can a president change in only 4 years … a lot and our way of life and your freedom will be the first things to be “redefined.” If you planned on buying a gun or ammo or a high capacity mag recently don’t wait, their days are soon to be numbered.

Four long years “comrades”!


Carson City

An inside view of prison situation

I am an inmate in the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. I was arrested for shoplifting from Costco in Reno in 2006, and subsequently sentenced to two terms of four to 10 years consecutive (eight to 20 years) in a plea bargain gone awry. I’ve appealed but hold no faith in the justice system to give me any relief.

But what is more upsetting is how the state is cutting much needed funding from healthcare, and especially education (this will have an effect on the crime rate in the future). The passing of Bill AB-510 was designed to alleviate the housing of non-violent offenders, yet what is happening is when these people come up for parole at the earlier proposed date, they get denied and are forced to do a year or more. In 9 out of 10 people I see go to the parole board, I’m not seeing anyone leaving. All they seem to have done is deport a few hundred Hispanics, who will not have to pay for their crimes when released in Mexico.

Oh sure they’re closing N.S.P. and two camps (by the way there will be less fire-trained inmates to fight fires next year) and all they do is shuffle those inmates around to other prisons (haven’t they been complaining for years they need more of your money to build more prisons, and hire more officers, because of the overcrowding?)

I for one would much rather see the 30-some-thousand dollars a year used to house, feed, educate and entertain non-violent people who get the same or similar sentences as a man who shoots a district court judge go to better a young person’s education or assist a physically or mentally disabled person.

Don’t get me wrong, I committed a crime and believe I and others should be punished (oh and by the way I wish to openly apologize to the employees of Costco).

Don’t forget about us, give us a break, give people the healthcare and education they deserve, cut some people loose.

Most of us just want to leave Nevada anyway. Me included.


Northern Nevada Correctional Center

Carson City

There’s still life after TV

For those of you that are interested, here’s an update on my new life without cable. I canceled my cable as of Oct. 17, and I’m still kickin’ and breathing. There’s no internal bleeding, no withdrawal symptoms, the sun still comes up every morning, and life just couldn’t be better. I took a short five-day vacation and to be honest, I still feel like I’m on it. I feel cleansed. I have to ask myself ” how the heck did I fall into that trap of a cesspool that they call “entertainment?” It’s easy I know to get trapped but it’s also easy to pull yourself out and actually get a life again. You just have to do it. And thanks for your support Patrice.

To change the subject just a little ” I’ve been hearing a lot of Obama ads on the radio (I listen more now to the radio and to music) about how he will protect our gun rights. It’s really very simple to get online and see what his voting record is on this subject. He’s as anti-gun rights as they come. He’s a liar. Take the time to do a little research folks. He’s a liar! I wouldn’t buy a car from this snakeoil salesman let alone put him in charge of our whole Great Country and Commander of our Armed Forces. He has the most liberal voting record in the entire Senate. Welcome to government-run everything. Welcome to the tried and failed world of socialism.


Carson City