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Letters to the editor

A remembrance of a visit to the Wall

My brother Gerald Rhoades wrote this letter to my mother, Ethelyn Rhoades, years ago and it still brings tears to my eyes remembering those who gave.

Dear Mom,

I was in Washington, D.C., on Father’s Day; in fact … I was at the Vietnam Memorial.

This was the first time I’ve ever visited this monument. … There was quite a bit of activity there. … I guess Father’s Day at the wall is a good human interest story.

I wasn’t there because it was Father’s Day, that was a coincidence. I was in Alexandria, Virginia, attending a conference and had most of the day, Sunday, to do as I pleased, so I went to the Wall.

I went there to look up some names of old Army buddies who I knew went to Vietnam. After they shipped out I had never heard from them again. I wanted to check and see if they had made it back okay or were listed among the dead.

I started to get emotional a couple of times but kept it under control. I didn’t want some TV camera zooming in on me as part of the touchie-feelie human interest story. I didn’t bother looking for the names I knew were listed, I knew they were there, I knew I’d find them.

The sun was hot, the line moved slow, it was crowded, and there were a few obnoxious people there exploiting the occasion, but I found none of the names I looked for. None.

All in all, it wasn’t such a bad day.


Carson City

Patriotism is alive in school

As the parent of a middle school student in Carson City, I just wanted to comment on the patriotic spirit of the Eagle Valley Middle School staff.

My youngest daughter, a seventh grader at that school, has advised me of an effort they are performing for Veterans Day.

Specifically, Eagle Valley Middle School is collecting toiletry articles for veterans in Northern Nevada Veterans Hospitals as an act of “thanking” our veterans on Veterans Day.

That spirit and initiative by our schools must be encouraged and congratulated! As a parent I am proud to learn about this civic and social effort on behalf of our young.

Please join me in applauding our school system.


Carson City

Enjoyed running for mayor

I thank God for the rich experience of the campaign. Though I lost the election, I won some great new friends, including Steve and Joanie McClung, Dennis and Sheila Johnson and Bob and Sue Crowell. Walking the campaign trail, I met thousands of wonderful people. The only regret that I have about the campaign is that I didn’t start walking sooner. I wish I could’ve knocked on every door, not that it would have changed the outcome of the election. Bob was a great candidate and he ran a classy campaign. I believe that Bob will be a great mayor, too.

Thank you to all who supported, encouraged, phoned, walked, put up signs and voted for me. Your kindness and love is truly appreciated.

Thank you to Barry Ginter, Dave Frank and all those at the Nevada Appeal. I believe that your coverage of the Mayoral race was fair and accurate. My opinions and ideas concerning local issues were given a platform that allowed the citizens of Carson City to hear and make informed decisions about the mayoral race and the ballot measures.

Thank you to my lovely wife, Cathy. Thank you to my family and to my church family. Thank you to my wonderful friends Terry and Kathy Springman and Grace Harris. Thank you Carson City! I love you.


Carson City

A bailout with more bang for the buck

Nevada will realize approximately $72 million from the bailout. The Governor will appoint a commission to distribute this money. We do not need more homeless families. We do not need homes in a glutted market. We need to support the middle class and small business owner, the backbone of America.

Rather than just loaning this money to the state financial institutions, to presumably go to businesses, realizing a single bang for the buck, I would like to see something on the following order. Banks know who is in foreclosure or who is close to it. Provide this information along with the dollar costs to the Governor’s committee. No money need go directly to the homeowner. The committee pays the financial institution directly, the homeowner is provided documentation they are now current and this amount is either added to the end of their mortgage or negotiated as a low interest loan. The state now has a lien against the property protecting this money. If the home is sold the money is paid back, or the money is paid back through the loan or at the end of the mortgage.

The taxpayer realizes security for their tax dollar. The first bang for the buck. The second is that the lending institution has an immediate cash infusion for other lending purposes, there is a reduced rate of foreclosure, no incurred foreclosure costs and the small business owner now has availability of operating loans. The homeowners keeps his dream alive, the bank wins, the business owner wins and the taxpayer wins with some security and oversight of how this money is used and paid back. Not just one bang for your dollar.

Something on this order gives much greater value to your tax dollar and hope to a beleaguered taxpayer.