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Letters to the editor

Print both sides of stories

An Appeal to the Appeal for Equity in Journalistic Reporting. Hopefully this hasn’t become a cliche from the past, but I plead with the Nevada Appeal to carefully consider their responsibility to deliver fair journalistic reporting and to consider that a fairly strong percentage of their readers are starving to hear the issues from both sides.

On Nov. 3, the final strategic day before the Nov. 4 elections, an Associated Press story appeared on the front page of the Appeal entitled “Tis the Season for Trying to Trick Voters.” After reading this article, one would hope for some equal critique of how both campaigns have been accusatory and have resorted to doing almost anything for votes. But once again, the paper predominately told of Republican “tricky tactics” (not fully substantiated by the way) that would try to sway votes for McCain. Even if these accusations proved to be true, the Democrats have certainly used questionable tactics, slanted and distorted facts, used scare tactics, committed voter registration fraud ” all while spending the largest amount of money on a campaign in history.

When the newspapers, local and national, predominantly push their views, whether through exclusive fault finding of candidates (in this case McCain/Palin), or withhold legitimately important facts that might be negative for a favored candidate (Senator Obama) the national news through the papers or television are guilty of dictating national policy from the press. Though this is nothing new, this should concern every American more than ever, and hopefully cause the press to re-evaluate their high responsibility to report news (information good or bad) on a candidate or social issue with genuine fairness and honesty, and set aside all personal slants and preferences.

When journalism continues to spotlight the negative in a one-sided way in order to influence their readers on any other page other than the editorials and opinions pages, they lose their once trusted accountability.

The challenge to the Appeal is to be different. Carefully sift through the Associate Press articles that are available and print with equity, presenting the facts fully both ways. Trust that the average thinking American will be able to make their decisions when presented with ALL the facts, fair and equitable.

Nevada Appeal, please consider that in these tight economic times, when internet blogging is so popular, you can’t afford to lose your loyal readers ” some of whom have conservative views, and who would appreciate that balance in reporting on social and political issues.



GOP needs to return to roots

In response to Bill Raggio’s comments about the need to reform the Republican party. I want to make something very clear. There was a national movement to do just that before the campaign season even started. What was the problem? It wasn’t that the party has moved one way or another, in fact the message of the Republican Party, limited government and personal liberty, was not the problem at all. The problem was, and still is, that elected Republicans don’t follow those principles, and people know it. They knew it two years ago when they purged the Republican majority, and they knew it this year when Obama won Nevada of all places. Republican leadership though, refused to accept this reality. They tried the same old tactics, and people are sick of it.

The Democrats are busy patting themselves on the back for a great campaign, when in reality, the only thing they needed to point out was the fact that they are not Bush. No one cares about anything else.

Ron Paul recognized this, and tried to bring the party back to its roots, but no one was listening. In fact, they did more than just ignore him, they sabotaged him at every turn, which, as it turned out, was like a sinking ship shooting torpedoes at the rescue boat.

Where do we go from here? Republicans better start by getting angry. We need to recognize that our leadership has been pulling us down the wrong path, and replace them at every level with people of integrity, who believe, and will act on our stated principles. Start by electing Ron Paul as minority leader in the House, and show people that the Republican Party is ready for real reform, and not just more rhetoric and lies.



America needs clean energy

America faces unprecedented economic, environmental and national security challenges. We urgently need new jobs, stable energy prices, and freedom from dirty fossil fuels and global warming pollution.

We can do this through energy efficiency, renewable generation and a national unified smart grid.

Repowering America means new industries with high-paying green jobs, lower energy costs and replacing dirty coal and foreign oil with clean domestic energy that is free and limitless.


Carson City