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Letters to the editor

Raggio’s remarks rebuffed Republicans

Regarding Sen. Bill Raggio’s remarks in the Nevada Appeal dated Nov. 9, I could hardly believe what I read. Among other things the one thing he said was: He was calling on the GOP to move away from the “extreme right!” That “his” party was going to have to “CHANGE.” Sounds like he is talking about the Democratic Party when he mentions “change.” So maybe he’s in the wrong party.

I would like to tell him that these “extreme right voters” put him back into his Senate seat.

I would also like to tell him “I am not an extremist” and resent him labeling me as such. And I do not want “CHANGE”!

There are several reasons the Republicans lost, which is number one, we had no leader in the state of Nevada. Actually, we have no leader in the whole 50 states of the USA. Including the two Houses of Congress. So it all comes down to organization and or organizing.

So, Senator, I think you owe us an apology, and along with it you could thank us for voting for you. How about it?


Carson City

Republican party should return to its roots

It is sad to say, but Sen. Raggio is way off the mark. He is, unfortunately, part of the problem, not part of the solution. He is correct that voters clearly rejected the Republican Party in the recent elections, but he is way off target in his assessment of the reason and the cure.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party in the nation, and especially in Nevada has lost its way, and its connection with the “center-right” majority. We have seen a Republican administration (aided most years by a Republican-controlled Congress) allow astounding deficits, do a poor job (until recently) on the Iraq war, preside over phenomenal growth in government ” the antithesis of the historical Republican philosophy ” and fail miserably in their 1994 promise to reform government and clean up corruption in Washington. Therefore, it is very sad and almost laughable to see a respected Republican leader in Nevada say that the Republican party must move away from historical Republican principles.

The current economic crisis was the main concern of the voters, and the Democrats and the Obama campaign were successful in convincing voters that they were the party most likely to solve this problem. This is not only my assessment, but is supported by several post-election polls and analyses, one of which may be found at: http://www.americanissuesproject.org/after-action-report/introduction-headline.html

Contrary to Sen. Raggio’s assertion that Republicans need to become more like Democrats, the fact is simply that Republicans must return to their basic principles in order to win elections. No, Senator, you need to move in the opposite direction, and keep your promises! Or perhaps you should simply retire and get out of the way.


Carson City

Stop the hateful fear-mongering

In regards to recent letters by Lynn Muzzy, Vernon M. Latshaw, and all the other fear-mongering Obama haters out there:

Blind ignorance and reckless assertiveness can be a very dangerous combination (see Sarah Palin). Add in a healthy dose of overt bigotry and you have an extremely poisonous concoction.

I suggest you put away that Confederate flag for good and take a large magnifying glass to the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

Wean yourselves from the hateful filth spewed out by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity ” the Fox propaganda machine ” and any religious leader that loves expensive suits and little boys. Realize that the truth is out there.

There are many alternative news outlets that are interested solely in putting out the truth. Facts are good, don’t ya think?

Knowledge can be a very uplifting experience. It peels away the prejudices and biases that all too often prohibits beneficial discourse. It also has extra health benefits. Rumor has it that it is very helpful in eliminating color-blindness.


Carson City

Mayor deserves gratitude for service

This letter is to say thank you for the many years of service Mayor Marv Teixeira has rendered to this city and region. Karen and I deeply appreciate the sacrifices that he has made for the citizens of Carson City.

Often we have been on opposite sides of the fence on issues, but he has always taken the time to discuss and lay out his views and listen to yours.

I know Marv will not disappear and will continue to champion his causes. Many, many thanks for the 12 years he has given us and the community.

Good Luck.


Carson City

Carson City should lead in traffic light innovations

Carson has lead the way for years by incorporating the City of Carson with the County of Ormsby into one municipality, saving the Carson taxpayers millions of dollars in duplicate services.

It is now time for Carson to lead the country once again in showing the nation how to coordinate automotive light control systems to save millions of dollars once again by not requiring motorist to sit idly by for minutes while no cross traffic is in sight.

For example, there are many stoplights that could flash yellow in the primary direction and flash red in the secondary for 22 of the 24 hours of a day.

I dare say that this could apply to 75 percent of all of Carson’s stoplights, except those on major streets and then even most of those could do this between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Another solution could be flashing yellow left turn signal to allow left turn motorist to go if there is no oncoming traffic.

I am not sure who made the decision to install the “eye in the sky” in lieu of the traffic loop, but I don’t think they work very well, as I have experienced sitting at a red stoplight for minutes, with no cross traffic occurring.

This technology step forward, would not only save time, but money as we sit and idle away precious gas for no real reason at all. Come on Carson, let’s be the leader.


Carson City

Join fight to save wild horses

A tragedy is being played out on the American public, called extermination and annihilation. This is happening to wild horses who can’t even defend themselves.

This plot is a long-time, well-planned game. Create a convoluted problem and then lead up to a (they think) defensible fix.

The Bureau of Land Management sets a “appropriate management level” then over-gathers wild horses. They even got well below the numbers they said the ranges could support, which was lean to begin with.

They set them in holding pens to make the juggled numbers agree and look good on paper. Nevermind the illegalities of setting numbers and breaking the federal laws of wild-horse management.

It has taken many years and many fights for BLM to finally have the guts to blatantly tell us they have the right to murder our wild horses. Their justification ” oh. We’ve got our tail in a crack financially and now you have to live with our insane solution, let’s kill the horses that we lied about saving from fire, drought and overpopulation.

Somehow this smacks of a lot of somebody’s making a lot of money AGAIN.

Will you stand at that newly dug pit and smell the fear and hear the screams of those horses? Or maybe you won’t be able to if it’s secreted on private land as they do the gathers. Or will some of the trucks just roll on to the killer buyers waiting not so patiently?

There’s a BLM Advisory Committee meeting at the Silver Legacy 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday. There is another solution, killing is NOT the answer. As with everything else this is not as it seems.

Come to the meeting and tell them this is insane.


Carson City

It is our country, regardless of president

On Wednesday, the Appeal printed a commentary written by Abigail Johnson (No relation ” thank God).

Her willingness to point out C-SPAN, New York Times, Washington Post as her and her Aunt Betty’s sources of information speaks volumes of the slanted opinions they’re willing to accept as fact. How many of those organizations have even admitted that they present a slanted view of news?

Like Michelle Obama, the writer is now proud of her country. She is happy to fly the flag, after being reluctant to do so for the past eight years.

Let me correct you Abigail (again, no relation!), this is OUR country! Just as Clinton was our president, just as “W” is our president, Obama will be our president. Your self-righteous attempts to deny “W” and proudly proclaim Obama is to deny that we are a country and (supposedly a government) of laws, rules, and controls.

The 2008 Republicans discovered what the Democrats discovered in 2000 and 2004. With less than a strong candidate, it can’t sell itself. Not here, not in Topeka, and not in Philly.

Whether we like the president-elect or not, we are all vested in ensuring that the presidency is a successful one. As a member of the proud fraternity of Vietnam Veterans, I witnessed what happens when we are not a united country. It doesn’t do our valiant volunteers any good to have their country turn its back on them. The fractured support for our military mission these past years is appalling. Did you ever serve?

Like it or not, in this world that we all have today, this country has no option other than to stay the United States of America. Stop worrying about your “feelings” and start “thinking” about the future of OUR country.


Carson City

Oppressed. Really?

In response to “Fresh Ideas” by Abigail Johnson, my comments are: She has been reluctant to fly her flag during the past eight years because of the “…corrupt, oppressive and self-serving domestic and foreign policies that many Americans and friend of America abhorred.”

“Corrupt”? What is corruption?

“Oppressive”? Are you oppressed Ms. Johnson?

Who are the friends of America, and why do we care how other people feel about the United States? That’s like the Department of Transportation advertising on behalf of the Detroit car makers to make people feel good about cars they’ve already purchased. It’s simply nonsensical.

I’m sorry for your reluctance to fly the symbol of the United States.

I’m glad she feels good about the election and is on an emotional high. I’m not. This was a pitiful election cycle with a liberal senator running for the Democrats, and a moderate Democrat posing as a moderate Republican.

Obama has clearly twisted the words of President Kennedy into, “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.”

I believe history will be kind to President Bush. He didn’t waver, he made mistakes, but the world is a safer place today than it was eight years ago. Ms. Johnson would probably disagree, but I think freeing 25 million people from a dictatorship is a worthy accomplishment.

She may remember that the French helped a fledgling country out from under the yoke of tyranny over 230 years ago, much to the consternation of the French public.

From community organizer to the White House with a brief stop in the Illinois Senate and the U.S. Senate ” Wow!

Based on those qualifications, I went to my local Wal-Mart store and saw a guy running a little merry-go-round with airplanes on it. He carefully lifted the kids on and off the ride.

Impressed with his talent, I offered him an application to become an astronaut. I’m sure with the help of people like Ms. Johnson, he will be flying the space shuttle by week’s end.