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Letters to the editor

Thanks to tireless GOP volunteers

I and many other active members would like to say thank you very much to Howard and Rae Tooley for your many contributions to the Carson City Republican Central Committee and the Carson City Republican Women’s Club. Although when you accepted the call to fill these positions you were promised help from volunteers, due to some medical problems and other reasons you received very little help. There have been some individuals not fully aware of these difficulties who stated they thought more could be done. I agree, all we need is for as many as possible to attend CCRWC and CCRCC meetings, and sign the volunteer sheets. Elections are not won only by voting, but by becoming active in the party to build a winning team.

To those who volunteered and worked to assist Rae and Howard we thank you. Without you nothing could have been accomplished. It would just be great to see more faces working within the party.


Carson City

City employee went above and beyond

Like many of us, my remarks concerning city departments are often negative. But I’d like to tip our collective hat to the city department that recently conducted the Great Leaf Pickup program. We called to get on the pickup list a week or so before the actual collection of bagged leaves began, then industriously raked and bagged about 15 large bags and, on the appointed day, stacked them on the curb in front of our house as directed.

On the cutoff day, our leaves remained like a large, black obstacle at the curb. So I called and inquired. I was told that, “If you’re on the list, no problem. There’s just been such a demand that the city has had to extend its leaf collection program for a few more days, so don’t worry.”

But we began to worry when the day before Thanksgiving arrived and our leaves remained. Another call. This time to a gentleman named Justin who apparently headed up the program. He did some checking and determined that, for whatever reason, our name was not on the pickup list and they (the city) were essentially done collecting bagged leaves. We were unhappily resolved to having our Thanksgiving guests navigate around our mini-Everest to park and get to our house but we were amazed to discover that, while we were inside, preparing for our family Thanksgiving dinner, Justin and his staff had followed through ” the leaves magically vanished!

Thank you so much, Justin and staff, for going above and beyond for us.


Carson City

Distressed? Let’s fly flag upside down

I am flying my flag upside down because I am distraught. I feel so helpless over all these catastrophes which seem to be never ending. And we all know they are manmade. I would like to give my interpretation of this mess, if you please. And it is worldwide.

Coincidence? I think not. I believe it has been planned as far back as David Rockefeller, when he started the Trilateral Commission, which the end result was to get all the nations of the world into the U.N. I believe most of the nations have representatives there now.

Far fetched? I think not. However, these bombings, are they a part of the whole picture? Could they go on forever?

The headlines in Newsmax Nov. 19 at the G-20 meeting: Bush hands over reins of U.S. economy to EU. What does that mean? A week later, not a word in any newspaper or TV news or radio talk shows. Is that surprising? Not at all.

Bush calls it: the new global order. David Rockefeller called it the new world order. Same difference.

I would like to add that I think that John McCain was set up not to win. You can draw your own conclusions.

This is all just too much. I just feel we the people have to do something. What could we do to show our disapproval, our anger, over the fact that we, the people, were never consulted!

So it came to me I’ll write this letter to the editor and see what you people think if we all fly our flags upside down to show we are in distress. I have already started a week ago. One fellow said, “I see you are in distress.”

Let’s do it!


Carson City