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Letters to the Editor 1/7

Nevada lost great man with Jim Padgett’s passing

An extraordinary man passed away Dec. 19 – Jim Padgett.

At his memorial service at UNR’s Lawlor Events Center, there were quite a few people there and some wonderful stories dating back over 50 years. They remember Jim as Coach Padgett, coaching basketball at San Jose, Berkeley and UNR.

I met Jim when he hired me to teach at the Nevada State Prison education program, which started in 1983. Jim was extraordinary in that as the program grew and he hired more teachers, the people he hired loved him. The program became wildly successful. Correctional educators from all over the world came to investigate this new, innovative educational program. 

Jim was such a hit with his staff because he always found a person’s strong point and paid attention to that. When “dignitaries” came to graduation and gave praise to Mr. Padgett he accepted their accolades politely and then stood up and good-naturedly said something like, “Hey, you people got the wrong guy, here.” Then he’d turn to the audience where we teachers were sitting and say, “You teachers out there stand up. These are the ones responsible.”  

Jim was priest, pastor, counselor, friend, and finally boss to all of us. Although some of us had been teachers many years, none of us in the prison education program ever had a greater boss than Jim Padgett, and we never did again. Jim will be missed, but we are all better people for having him in our lives.

Joe Elliott

Washoe Valley  

Cancer Resource Center can help with health crisis

I read about a Dayton woman struggling with newly diagnosed cancer and the challenges of finding medical care when one is uninsured. How unfortunate and unnecessary that she met with uninformed persons who told her that she could not get the care she needs in Carson City.

We have an unbelievably generous and caring community as well as health care professionals who work with the cancer center and the cancer resource center. We work with a local non-profit that will help pay cancer-related medical bills and we navigate patients to other agencies that can assist in many ways.

Besides assisting with the financial aspects of a cancer diagnosis, we educate and empower patients and families so that they can ask the right questions of their physicians and become their own best advocates. All the challenges described in the article can be dealt with and the cancer care can be delivered right here in Carson City.

I encourage anyone facing cancer challenges to call the Cancer Resource Center at 445-7500 and get the information that they need. Our staff, many of whom are cancer survivors themselves, will meet with anyone without an appointment. Just speaking with someone who has been there, done that is a validation that others can do it too, right here in Carson City.

Carla Brutico, RN, OCN


A few choice questions on health care bill

Sen. Reid, now that you have passed the first hurdle for your health care bill, I have a few questions regarding talking points on your newsletter.

1. Who is going to pay for the first three years of full-funded Medicaid? Who pays after that?

2. Of the 518,000 uninsured Nevadans, who is going to pay the bill? Where is the money coming from?

3. How big are the tax credits for the 300,000 Nevadans that are forced, by your law, to purchase insurance and how much is this insurance going to cost?

4. Of the 24,000 small businesses in Nevada, how are the tax credits going to help them afford premiums for their employees?

5. How is this health bill going to lower cost for the 328,000 Nevadans’ Medicare premiums and Medicare Part D premiums? How is it done and who pays?

6. How is the bill going to help relieve Nevada taxpayers from the burden of paying for those who do not have insurance? Where does that money come from?

7. How many billions of dollars did it cost for you to bribe the five to six Democratic senators who held out for a better deal? And what are those benefits that other states did not get?

8. Does this health care bill cover illegal aliens regardless of origin?

9. Does this bill cover abortions?

It would be appreciated if you would address the above questions, Harry.

Royce Tuckness

Carson City