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Letters to the Editor

Look around: We can’t afford this bill

It’s morning in Carson City and I really look forward to reading the Nevada Appeal newspaper to enlighten me on local and national news. As I peruse through our newspaper, I can’t help but look at the letters to the editor, hence, this missive.

New York is on the brink of financial disaster, California is imploding due to the prodigious amount of illegal aliens and social programs that have drained its bank accounts.

Nevada’s governor has taken drastic actions by furloughing state employees and cutting back services to its citizens. This is the tip of the iceberg, as many other states are in similar financial situations, yet many Americans are still standing there with their hands out expecting the government to cure all their ills.

Health care no doubt is a problem, but to tear it down, destroy it and make it government-run is not the answer. If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free. Taxes will be so high, we will be working 60 percent of our time for the government.

America was built on the structure of capitalism, and because of that, we turned out to be the greatest nation in the world. Work hard, prosper and live well.

As a great American once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Roy Hutchings


To those fighting for freedom, thank you

As a survivor of the last war that the U.S. government allowed its fighting forces to win, I approached Veterans Day with a saddened heart. My generation believed, as the 56 brave men who declared our independence and signed their own death warrants by signing their names to it, that this country was worth fighting for. Our allegiance was to God, country and family, and we were willing – no, eager – to serve in the mission to protect and defend this country. In that mission, we were willing to die for those who could not fight. 

This country is great because we make it great. We do not have to agree with every other government or give up the principles we were founded on to curry favor with those who do not like us.

I am asked by many how we were able to win WWII. My answer, as with most of us from that day is, “We did what we had to.”

If you care about this country, ask our president and Congress to give our fighting men and women the tools and resources to win this war. When you see one of these brave volunteers, take a second and thank them for your freedom. You owe them no less.

Jerry Smith

Carson City

Is Muth calling for war on Islam?

Chuck Muth is at it again in a recent guest opinion. He used the Fort Hood massacre as his latest excuse for expressing his zest for all-out war against, not a nation per se, but a specter, a phantasmic movement having no government, no navy, no air force, no central military command we’ve identified in the past eight years, not even a KGB or CIA that we know about.

Muth labels the Fort Hood shooter as, not a U.S. Army major, but “an enemy combatant” and “an enemy infiltrator.” For what enemy? Chuck’s cute, he doesn’t say. He leaves it to the reader to make his own conclusion.

No reports have surfaced tying Major Hassan to Taliban, nor al-Qaida (if it even exists). Afghanistan is engaged in a civil war between tribes and religious cults or cliques, but we haven’t sided with any specific tribes.

That leaves the conclusion Mr. Muth is inciting a religious war on Islam. All 1.6 billion of them. A grand new crusade? Like 1,000 years ago? Only problem is, western China is heavily Muslim, as are neighboring countries carrying on active commerce with China and Russia. C’mon, Chuck, why don’t you just say so?

Rumor has it China sent NATO a strong message that its Afghanistan war is agitating China’s Muslim population. Maybe that’s why President Obama dithers over his future strategy. Maybe it’s on his current China agenda. Maybe it takes China and Russia to save us from ourselves.

Jack Van Dien


Side with the people, not big insurance

We need health care reform now! I have a congenital heart condition. This means the only health insurance I can obtain is through my employer as I have a pre-existing condition. I have to base my choice of employer on health insurance, not by what I am qualified for.

Many of the tests I need are not covered by my insurance; they do not want to spend the money to keep me alive.

I want our insurance industry to change its views on what is important. Life over profits is a better view.

I will not vote for any representative that sides with insurance companies.

We the people deserve the same coverage as our reps. I will continue to watch who votes for change and who votes for big business.

Sarena Nichols

Carson City