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Letters to the editor

I read the article the woman wrote in the paper 2/23/06 about teens and speeding. I totally agree and would like to add to her comments. Part of responsible driving starts with all adults and parents, and from the adults I see who have the privilege of driving to work on Highway 50 in the morning from Dayton to Carson, I just cringe. Shame on you, mom with three kids in your car speeding and weaving in and out of traffic; and Grandpa in your four-wheel drive truck going to Carson City at 70 mph. What kind of example are you all setting for your children, grandchildren and society in general? And where are you, Highway Patrol? Wake up, Nevada drivers. It could be you and/or your family we read about in the next Nevada Appeal headlines.

Michelle Gersten


Drive defensively, get the big picture, leave yourself an out

Driving is serious business. It’s a responsibility and a privilege, not fun and games. Ask the families of those killed in car accidents. Driving and multi-tasking do not go together. In two seconds, your car or truck can become a lethal weapon.

In light of the recent spate of fatal accidents, maybe each of us needs to review our own driving habits. Do I eat or drink while driving? Am I balancing a pet on my lap? Am I using a cell phone? Do I have too many people packed into my vehicle, some without seat belts? Are we horsing around, rocking out to music that is way too loud? Am I reading a map, lighting a cigarette, applying makeup? All are distractions, and they do not blend with driving. Combine them with excess speed, and the results can be fatal.

In the time it takes you to look up from the AM/FM dial, someone can step into the crosswalk and you can’t stop in time. While you are slugging back a Coke, a dog can dart out into your path and you may swerve without thinking. What are the consequences?

My dad was a driver’s ed teacher. I still hear his words in my head: “Drive defensively. Keep your eyes moving. Get the big picture. Leave yourself an out.” Driving takes focus, concentration and anticipation. As you stop for that red light, are you aware of what the vehicle behind you is doing? If you slam on your brakes at the last second, will he be able to stop without plowing into you? If you floor it to get through the yellow-to-red light, will you slam into cross traffic, or they into you?

Good driving requires courtesy and knowing the rules of the road. Do you use your turn signals to let others know your intentions? Do you pass and then move over to the right, especially in mountain driving? Do you realize that you are not the only vehicle on the road? Neither am I. We are all in this together, and we must make the roads as safe as possible for each other.

Perhaps the recent fatalities, mostly involving young people, will serve as a wake-up call to all of us drivers. A moment’s distraction, a few seconds of not paying attention can be deadly. A car or truck is a potential weapon. Let’s handle it with respect, care and attention.

Patrice Heeran

Washoe Valley

Smelling the rat in the port deal?

After hearing/reading so much about the purposed deal for the United Arab Emirates to run six ports in the United States I had a thought. That thought was: are there no companies in the U.S.A. that have the desire and ability to run a port? You would think that running a port would be a profitable enterprise. So much so that bidding for such a enterprise would be very strong.

I, as many of you, smell the rat. That rat could very well be the man who threatens Congress with an imperial veto from on high.

Remember “follow the money?” We would be wise to do so again.

Wayne Lenhares

Carson City

Port control debate just racial profiling

The recent issue concerning the UAE about “controlling six of the eastern ports of America”(Fox News) has got to be the most revealing, politically based fear I’ve ever witnessed! The security of this nation will still be controlled by the U.S.A.; but the management of the non-security workers will fall to the UAE. With both the Dems and Repubs speaking out against this action so strongly, I have to ask myself, “Isn’t this racial profiling?” This has been such a huge debate that nobody wanted to get near anything that might label themselves as a profiler. Yet here the politicians are, practicing what they have preached against. Wake up, Hillary! Wake up, Trent! George is the only one who has thought about the other side of coin.

Robert Hinds

Carson City