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Letters to the editor

Democrats at the root of today’s problems

Becoming 60 percent dependent on unstable foreign oil sources, and 15 million illegal immigrants, didn’t just happen.

Health care, social services and education have complained about the difficulties illegal immigrants have placed on their systems since the ’70s.

In recent years, interdiction and deportation numbers have increased substantially. However, existing legislation hasn’t been enforced for a very long time.

Our present energy fiasco started in the mid-’70s, with the Saudi oil embargo and environmental legislation. Since then, alternative fuels, drilling for oil, building new refineries, power plants, hydroelectric dams, coal-fired power plants and nuclear energy have all been set aside by Congress for environmental reasons. Trillions of dollars left this country for oil purchases. Not good for our economic process or our security. Subsequent tax credit for oil companies that buy and refine oil, while expected, is lost revenue. A lose-lose situation.

A balanced environmental plan to assure energy independence, thereby avoiding the world oil supply, and demand prices, would have been a win-win situation.

All of the above was obvious and concerning, along the way. Yet it was allowed to happen.

Politically, Democrats controlled Congress for almost the entire 20th century. And Congress says yea or nay on everything.

Ron Wood


Hospital staff was exceptional

Recently, my husband underwent surgery for his appendix and removal for his gall bladder at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center. His stay was made comfortable due to the exceptional service of all the nurses during his stay, and I was allowed to be with him in his room. It was apparent that the nurses and aids enjoyed their job and were extremely conscious of the needs of their patients. When we first arrived early on the 13th of August, Debbie, Barbara and Melony in the emergency room were very nice and attentive. Upstairs before surgery, Barbara and Christina were also very helpful and professional. Arlene and Vera were also very nice and concerned with us after my husband’s surgery, as well as Teia.

Unfortunately, after being released on Monday, he was forced to return due to internal bleeding Tuesday evening. Again, the nurses in attendance in the emergency room where we spent the night were attentive and nice, including Debbie again, Jill and Liz. During the remaining days, our thanks go to Terri, Michelle, Spencer, Patti, Heidi and Krista who were all such great caregivers. Sorry, I did not get the names of the excellent surgical nurses who assisted Dr. Halow on the 13th. Besides having a beautiful hospital, the staff of nurses and aides are quite exceptional. It’s nice to see so many people whom you enjoy being around in spite of the unfortunate circumstances. Thank you, staff at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.

Sandy Hudgens


Iraq war dollars needed at home

Ms. Muzzy’s inability to appreciate Mr. Caraway’s article regarding his believed conspiracy theory represents exactly why Bush is president, and also why we are throwing trillions of our very-much-needed dollars (that could be educating our children and feeding our elders) away in the Mideast!

Kathleen St. Germain

Carson City

Spanish-only radio, TV stations proliferate

I was flipping through my TV channels and slowly worked my way through a series of Spanish-only stations. That got me to wondering how many Spanish-only radio stations there were. Next time I was in my car, I worked my way through all the AM and FM stations and found numerous Spanish-only stations.

We’re in a relatively small market in Northern Nevada, so I wonder if you were to multiply the number of radio and TV stations that are Spanish-only in our area by all the other markets in the United States, what kind of number you’d end up with?

My curiosity raised, I went to the internet to try and find out how many English-only TV and radio stations there are in Mexico. My research failed to come up with any numbers. Perhaps fellow readers of the Appeal know the answer.

Just how many English-only radio and TV stations exist in Mexico? Or is this yet another instance where we do things for the Mexicans, like dual- language signs in our major stores, and they don’t reciprocate with dual- language signs in their major stores in Mexico?

Ron Landmann