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Letters to the editor

Relief for the American taxpayer

The quickest way, as I see it, to give the American taxpayer monitory relief is to bring in a socialized healthcare plan. Take all the tax money being collected to fund the VA, Medicare, Medicaid and any other healthcare falling under this umbrella and direct it to a socialized healthcare fund which would be out of the reach of the politicians and special interest people we have in Washington today. Make it run by civilians with no connections to anybody in Congress, and only answerable to the president and his specially appointed staff. 

This way the American taxpayer wouldn’t need to worry about buying a separate healthcare plan to fit his or her family’s needs. Any money being collected by his or her employer could go right back in their paychecks. 

This way you wouldn’t need a tax cut for the working American citizen, and the money saved from taxes could go directly to reducing the national debt, instead of in some politician’s pocket. 

The thieves we have in Washington today should be locked up and the key thrown away. This will never happen until American voters, regardless of political affiliation, get their heads together and tell all of the politicians “do this or look for a new job.” 

A single-payer plan run by the government would be like jumping from the frying pan and into the fire. 

Bob Snider