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Letters to the Editor

Thanks goes out to Highland Manor for loving care

From the family of Ora Mae Higgins to Highland Manor, our deepest gratitude for the loving care she received during her long stay there.

Higgins family


Thoughts on gun regulations, veterans

OK, media and gun control freaks, why don’t you people have a little compassion for the people in Florida who are grieving for the their loss of loved ones?

True, it is something they will never stop remembering for the rest of their lives, but you can at least give them a little peace in their grief. I know you won’t because you are like the other lowlife sickos who used the dreamer children as pawns to further their own twisted agendas.

You are doing the same thing by getting the children across America to further your personal agenda. Children are impressionable — if you let a mother or father figure suggest something to them that looks like it could be great fun, and it gets their faces on TV, then they will do it, not knowing that you gun freaks are using them to aid you in decimating our Second Amendment. How can anybody feel it’s the right thing to do by limiting gun ownership to age 21?

There has been in the past and still is a lot of young men and women in the military age 18 willing to give life and limb to protect our great country America’s Second Amendment rights.

While we are on the subject of military people (vets) who did their best in Vietnam to fight a war that some of you politicians in office today wouldn’t let our military commanders win, but the final injustice you same people did to our great vets after we were out of Vietnam, was to allow the cowardly draft dodgers and cowards who skipped out of the country to avoid doing their part, return to this country, give them honorable discharges or remain in the service to finish their careers. Then without hesitation you ensured them total VA medical privileges and in doing so prevented some of the true vets from entering the system.

Some of this same scum are holding prominent jobs across the country because of their honorable discharges they have instead of the dishonorable ones they deserved.

Bob Snider