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Letters to the editor

Nice to know there are honest people around

I would like to express a big thank you to the person who was so honest to turn in my purse that I left in the cart in the parking lot at the Wal-Mart shopping center at Topsy Lane on Friday, Nov. 11. It’s great to know there are wonderful honest people out there. Thanks again, you saved my life and made my day.

Karen Allen


Another solution to immigration woes

On Nov. 14, Lou Debottari of Carson City wrote about a plan to ease the immigration problem. I have a counter proposal. First, what do you call between 12 and 25 million people who cross our border without authorization or documentation? An invading army? Criminals? I say criminals because they violate existing United States laws. People that cross our borders without authorization or documentation should not be rewarded for their illegal activity. The path to U.S. citizenship should start with legal entry into the United States, not with amnesty for criminal activity. Second, any guest worker cards should be issued out of our embassies. No cards should be issued to people currently residing within our borders – why reward illegal activity?

Why reward babies with citizenship just because the birth happens on U.S. soil? It doesn’t make sense. If my wife has a baby while we’re traveling to France, does that make my new child a citizen of France? Ridiculous. Having illegals crossing the border to have their children in the U.S. is tantamount to winning the immigration lottery.

By the way, who says that it’s people from Mexico, Central America and South America that we want to give guest worker cards to? How about people from Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark? I believe it should be a policy issue, not simply a matter of geography wherein Mexico abuts the United States and therefore they get first shot at working within our borders.

I’m sure Congress will do whatever is politically correct, but not what is best for our national security. Our national security is taking a backseat to political correctness. How about a group hug and let’s call the immigration issue solved.

Ron Landmann


Poverty no excuse for prevalence of gangs

In rebuttal to “Gang problem complex but far from hopeless:” If I was a gang member I would take this as a “green light” to know that I was winning and strengthening my turf. I should not have to tell you this but gang members are not your friends. They are criminal “THUGS.”

This letter goes on to say that it does not think that it is the gang members fault that they become gang members but that they come from impoverished areas where minorities reside and feel disenfranchised. Well DANG: I guess if that is the case then we let the ghetto areas set policy for the city.

I get so tired of these “Ph.D” holders “pompously” dangling their degree in my face and thinking that I am going to melt because I never went to college and am not capable of making a decision on my own.

They say that gang members committed 43 serious offenses in the last six months and on average sold drugs 53 times in the last six months. Well now that we know the problem and where it lies why don’t we concentrate on those areas?

I am tired of the “selective prosecution” and I as a property owner am bound by the laws and building codes. If I build a structure on someone else’s property or city property can I just tell them that I was hopeless and come from an impoverished area and feel disenfranchised and then they will give me a pass like they do the gang members? It is strange that they can hold us to the letter of the law but become confused when a gang member commits 43 serious crimes in a six month period.

To summarize this letter, I offer this unfettered challenge to solve the gang problem in Carson City, If I am not “attenuated” and will back it up with my real estate holdings. If you say that you and I are bound by federal and local laws that tie our hands and protect the gangs then let’s just give the “key to the city” to the gangs because they are going to own it.

What ever happened to the America I once knew?

Jim Morehouse