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Letters to the editor

Opposing the president strengthens the enemy

Americans showing opposition to the so-called war in Iraq have and are giving psychological aid to the enemy, which fuels their fire to continue on. And I also believe that if this country were to vote Hillary Clinton in as president, that fire would grow by leaps and bounds. And that’s because the enemy would see it as more weakness on the part of the American people. Or are we supposed to forget the little to no respect the enemy has for women when we vote for our next president. They would not only see us as infidels, but also as mindless fools. More the reason in their minds for them to wipe us from the face of the earth.

Why wasn’t there any Iran sponsored Shiite insurgency going on during Saddam Hussein’s rule? Answer: Because the leadership of Iran knew Saddam Hussein would declare war on Iran if they did and because Shiites realized Saddam Hussein would not cower from a fight like liberal Americans do. Bottom line, in my opinion there wouldn’t be any insurgency in Iraq at this time if it were not for the refusal of our liberal media and liberal Americans in general to keep their lack of support for our president to themselves and if our generals were allowed to take their gloves off. The likes of Hillary Clinton in the White House will only exasperate this problem.

I have a nephew of whom is currently serving our country in Iraq. If he is killed by insurgents I will not blame our president for his death. I will instead blame our liberal media and cowardly liberal Americans for giving the enemy the political tools it needed to gain support for its cause and the means to undermine the resolve of this country’s leadership to stand fast and support our president to the end.

I personally see liberal Americans as compassionate, caring people, but also as this country’s Achilles heal during times of war.

If it were not for Pearl Harbor American liberals would have been content with allowing England to be bombed into submission by Germany.

If it were not for liberals Stalin would not have been able to murder millions of his own people following World War II.

If it were not for liberals there would only be the democratic country of Korea versus the communist North and democratic South.

If it were not for liberals there would not have been a pause in the Vietnam War that allowed the enemy to regroup which led to the U.S. giving up on the people of Vietnam and to the deaths of millions of Vietnam refugees following our pullout.

If not for the negative input by our liberal media and liberal Democratic party we would have nowhere near the problems that we are currently faced with in Iraq. Bottom line, when it comes to fighting any war, people with liberal, illogical mindsets will always look for the quickest way out of the conflict, even if it means millions of innocent people will die because of their inborn cowardice.

James Parker

Carson City

Hating terrorism does not equal supporting bush

In response to Mr. Pawlak’s letter of Feb. 1. Talk about being ignorant of what is going on in the world. The reason 9/11 affected so many of us so deeply is that the killings were indiscriminate. It could of been anyone’s mother, brother or child on those planes, in those buildings. It didn’t matter. They were all our family and not only ours as Americans but to the world. Do you remember the outpouring of sympathy in the days that followed? Do you remember the support we had for going into Afghanistan where Al Queda was? That was the one thing Mr. Bush did right and instead of “staying the course” there he went into Iraq (on false premises, whatever his twisted motives might have been) and has completely mismanaged that decision from day one. How many times do you have to be told that Al-Qaeda and Iraq were not responsible for 9/11 before you understand.

How dare you imply that Mr. Caraway would be “singing a different tune” if his wife or child had been on those planes? My sister and brother-in-law were working at the Pentagon on 9/11 and guess what? I am a liberal. I also think that if we can use wire taps and monitoring of bank accounts to stop mass murderers that we should. We should also, except in the most extraordinary cases, do it legally, without torture, ever, and according to the guidelines of American law and the Geneva Conventions. Nobody wants another 9/11 and to suggest that if you don’t support the Bush policies means you do is a false logic propagated by the likes of Hannity, O’Reilly and the GOP leadership to keep your loyalty to them and their bizarre agenda that values power for power’s sake and not what is best for this country.

What have you done, personally, for our troops Mr. Pawlak? Have you sent them care packages or letters? I have and I know there is so much more I could do. Have you been willing to have your taxes raised to help pay for this war (another 100 billion requested today) or are you content to let our children and grandchildren pay for it, economically and with their lives and limbs, while we go shopping to stimulate our economy like George asked us to do. Maybe you have served in the military. I don’t know but I am sick to death of people like you questioning my loyalty and compassion for the victims of terrorism and for our troops because I don’t follow Bush like some slobbering, Pavlonian automaton.

Shawn Wells


It’s easy and important to keep track of Nevada Legislature

On Feb. 5, the 74th Nevada Legislative Session begins, filling Carson City with legislators, lobbyists and the press. The Legislature faces major decisions about meeting the needs of a rapidly-growing Nevada. Whether you care about health care, education, water distribution, public safety or alternative energy, I strongly encourage you to follow the issues and participate in the process.

As Nevadans, we still enjoy accessibility to our elected representatives by phone, e-mail or online. Visit http://www.leg.state.nv.us to discover what a wonderful tool our legislative Web site is. We can listen to legislative meetings from our own home or office, find out which committees our representatives sit on, or track up to 10 bills of interest for free. As an educational tool, you can use the bill-tracking service to illustrate how an idea becomes law. You can track when a bill is scheduled for a vote, or chose to attend the meeting in person to follow your legislator’s votes.

I’ve been both inspired and discouraged by attending hearings, yet, above all, I have developed a great respect for the process and for our unique access to our decision makers.

Rena Meyers-Dahlkamp


Proposed youth smoking law based on flawed logic

As an ex-smoker and advocate for children’s welfare, I could not agree with you more. Smoking and chewing tobacco products severely harms our children — adults too.

Scarcely a family among us has not been touched by the devastating diseases caused by tobacco. The tremendous cost to individuals and society is indisputable.

Non-smokers everywhere can attest to the nauseating & offensive odor of tobacco tar, and its staying-power, as it clings to every surface. Too, we are offended by the carelessness of smokers and the insensitivity with which they satisfy their urge.

The recommended solution, however, singles out teenagers for enactment of an anti-possession law, and attempts to transfer the responsibility for remedial action on to the juvenile justice system, an overloaded agency by anyone’s standards. At best, it’s unenforceable. Of more concern, to me, is the treatment of tobacco possession, as though it were a controlled-substance and the inequity and inconsistency with which we plan to ladle out justice. This suggested application of law is similar to the recent Las Vegas ordinance that forbade the feeding of street-people in public parks, while picnickers tended their barbecue across the way.

“But,” you say, “It will make it more difficult for them to smoke and thus make it less likely that they will become addicted. And everyone will be better off.”

What will we be teaching our children about justice if we enact such a law? Don’t you think our children have the intelligence to recognize flawed logic? What good will we have done if a significant number of our children come out of their teenage years with a rap sheet made up of such offenses?

May I suggest that we, as concerned citizens, parents and educators, give this more thought before suggesting such a law? As adult members of society, we can teach by example, levy taxes and curb the supply of such products – all equitable courses of action. Most effective is our position as parents for we have the authority to instruct, guide and discipline those for whom we are responsible. But let’s not ‘pass the buck’ on to the juvenile justice system and say that we have done our job.

Bill Bley

Carson City

Time for silence on Iraq War has passed

Three weeks ago I awoke with a new awareness and direction. It was simply this: I could no longer be silent. I believe so strongly that it is morally, ethically and spiritually wrong to send any more of our “troops,” individual human beings, into this WIN-LESS war in Iraq. I don’t know what one person can do. But I do know that each person must be true to their own heart and live and act accordingly, and that the powers that be must hear our voice. WE MUST FIND OUR VOICE!!! Whatever your political or religious beliefs, if you agree that we cannot in good conscience send more good after bad, then I ask you to join me on Mondays in front of the State Legislature Building, across the street from Comma Coffee, from 12:30-4:30 in a RALLY FOR PEACE. This will be our fourth Monday, and I am hoping for our biggest turnout as it is the fist day of the Nevada Legislature. Please join us. Please tell a friend. Please, help to support our troops by bringing them home and sending no more.

I have had two sons in the military, one who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, I know … they know that more troops is no answer.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “there comes a time when silence is a betrayal.” Let us not be silent anymore.

Please join me on Monday.

June Joplin

Carson City

Another view on global warming

This letter is in response to the article written by Lorie Smith Schaefer on 1/24/07 regarding the movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” She mentions that we need not believe her but rather should “learn for ourselves.” I accepted her suggestion and came to the startling conclusion that her alarmist claims simply do not stand up to scrutiny.

She offers that some scientists point to carbon dioxide (CO2) level as a key factor in global warming. However, CO2 levels are the same as they were some 300 million years ago. More interesting is the fact that over the past 600 million years CO2 levels have been substantially higher. Interestingly, 438 million years ago, global temperatures were about the same as they are now, however, CO2 levels were 12 times higher! Thus, the connection between CO2 and global temperature should not be taken at face value.

In addition, she mentions that “the number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes has almost doubled in 30 years.” Yet the number and intensity of hurricane activity in the 30 years prior to 1970 is about the same as the period 1970 through 2004.

Regarding the point about global sea levels rising 20 feet due to the loss of ice from Greenland and Antarctica, current data demonstrates that the ice is thinning at the edges and thickening in the middle. Thus, when gains are subtracted from losses researchers have concluded that the combined sea-level-rise-ice-loss-equivalent amounts to about 0.05 mm per year. At that rate it would take 1,000 years to raise sea levels by 5 centimeters and 20,000 to raise them by one meter.

With respect to the Arctic Ocean being ice free by 2050. History shows that Arctic temperatures in the 1930’s were the same or higher than they are now. If one were to look further back in time (5,000 to 8,000 years ago), the Arctic region was significantly warmer than it is today.

I agree with those who say that while Al Gore claims global warming is a “moral issue” it is better to say that for him it is a moralizing issue. Frankly, it appears to me that the global warming proponents are agenda rather than science driven. What that agenda might be is open to debate but it appears that greater government control of private markets and human activity is near the top of the list.

For those who wish to read a point by point rebuttal to the Gore film, Marlo Lewis, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has produced an eye opening article titled “Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth: One-sided, Misleading, Exaggerated, Speculative, Wrong.”

Tim Hope

Carson City

A round of applause for student musicians

I want to congratulate all of the kids who recently performed for the Northern Zone Nevada Music Educator’s Association Honor Bands Concert on 1/31/07. These junior high and high school musicians are truly awesome and inspiring. Their shining talent is very much a gift and symbol of hope for youth of all ages. I would like to say thank you also to all the band instructors and teachers, who encourage music, hard work and doing one’s best. Thank you also to the guest conductors, Martha Damon O’Neill and Mr. Walt Lovell who also inspired and performed at this beautiful concert in Fallon this week. I was not only proud and amazed at my own high school student – but I found myself proud of every student who participated in this special evening. A round of applause, please!

Heidi Geisler


Drug testing a good idea, but should apply to all

I applaud state personnel Director Jeanne Greene for proposing that state workers be required to pass a pre-employment drug test. She is absolutely correct in her assessment that a great deal of money is lost because of workers with drug problems. It goes without saying that the quality of services rendered by employees with drug habits would also be substandard.

There should be no argument that this would be a beneficial program. If you were an employer, wouldn’t you want your business to be a drug-free workplace? Well, as it turns out, YOU, the people of the State of Nevada, ARE the employer in this case. Your taxes pay the salaries of all state workers.

Gov. Gibbons and Sheriff Furlong have made their position very clear on the drug problem in Carson City and the entire State of Nevada. How can they be expected to clean up the drug problem amongst the citizens of this state if they don’t have the tools to even control it within the ranks of state workers?

I do take great exception to the proposal that elected officials, legislative and judicial workers, college professors and ‘top management’ positions be exempted from this law. Why should these individuals be treated any differently than anyone else? These exemptions have the flavor of a monarchy, where the laws do not apply to the royalty, but are strictly enforced amongst the peasants. What’s next? A tax that is paid by all, with the exception of the select few who enact it, collect it and enforce it? The proposal that a select few be exempted from this law, or any other law, is absurd and is a slap in the face of democracy, where all are treated equal under the law.

I am a state worker, and I welcome any initiative that supports a drug free workplace, not only for candidates seeking employment, but also for current employees. However, these laws must be applied fairly across the board, from the file clerk to the Governor – ‘with liberty and justice for ALL.’

Traves Roberts