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Letters to the editor

Thanks but no thanks for the purple carpet

Someone dumped some bright purple carpet, carpet padding and the carpet roll, off of Goni Road, near the water tower. The sign at the water tower fence clearly states: “NO DUMPING, CCMC 12.12.020, $1,000 Bail”. If someone knows anyone that has newly installed bright purple carpet, do the right thing and have them clean up their mess.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the other idiots who continue to dump their yard waste and old concrete, plus the idiots who break their beer bottles and leave their fast-food trash. Thanks a lot for ruining the place where many people, and dogs, like to walk.

Susie Davidson

Carson City

Editor’s note: The Kiwanis Club and the BLM is holding a public lands cleanup day 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday along the banks of the Carson River and at BLM’s Silver Saddle Ranch and Prison Hill Recreation Area. To help, meet at the BLM-Carson City Field Office’s west parking lot, 5665 Morgan Mill Road at Deer Run Road. Groups are asked to register in advance with BLM Public Affairs Officer Mark Struble at 885-6107

Participants should wear long pants and heavy shoes or boots (no sandals), bring a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes, and bring heavy gloves to protect hands from broken glass, metal and thorns.

Kind gestures saved their wedding day

In June of 2006, we went to Carson City from Prineville, Ore., to make arrangements for our wedding in August. We were able to arrange the wedding with no problems, but the reception was another thing.

It seems there was a golf tournament and most of the places suitable for a wedding reception were booked. We called most of the places listed in the phone book to no avail. We started going into different places with no luck until we arrived at Mo and Sluggo’s. Maury was there, and when we explained our dilemma, Maury said, no problem. He would close the dining room, and we could use that. We were able to decorate the room on the morning of our wedding, and he ordered the champagne for us and stored our wedding cake in his walk-in. We were unsure of how many people would attend, as many were coming from out of state, but Mo wasn’t concerned. Maury literally saved our day!

This past July, we went back to Carson City on a motorcycle trip and stopped by Mo and Sluggo’s. Mo was there and remembered us and welcomed us back with a very warm welcome! We are very grateful to him, and any time we go back to Carson City, we will stop and say hello, as will many of the people who attended our reception.

Carson City should be very proud of the type of business Maury operates; he is such a nice, caring person with such a BIG heart. He represents the city very well.

roger and cathy lastra

Prineville, Ore.

War opponents’ arguments are based on logic

To say that I was appalled by Lynn Muzzy’s letter to the Nevada Appeal (Sept. 16, 2007) would be an understatement. To compare “anti-war demonstrators” to “social outcasts and misfits” is not only wrong, it is irresponsible.

Many enlightened U.S. citizens who may have initially supported the invasion of Iraq, have, upon learning the truth (no WMDs, no connections between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, no involvement in the 9/11 attacks), changed their minds. Why? Because they now know they were duped. Iraq was never a threat to the U.S. Those who attacked us on 9-11 were not from Iraq, and there has been no link established between Saddam Hussein and al Qaida.

Muzzy states “the street rabble can’t admit that we’re destroying al Qaeda in both Iraq and Afghanistan…” Why? Because we aren’t. Our continued presence in Iraq has emboldened Islamic extremists to fight harder against what they perceive to be the “infidels.” Our brave forces in those countries are now fighting to preserve some semblance of sanity in what has become a civil war among tribal factions vying for power. I weep every day when I learn of another U.S. soldier’s death in Iraq as I know it was in vain.

Muzzy and others have been brainwashed by the Bush administration to believe that “we must fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.” The “fear factor” is their primary weapon, and most Americans, today, aren’t buying into it.

I and many others are sick and tired of being labeled “un-American” for speaking out against an illegal and, in my opinion, immoral “war.” It is those who stand by and allow innocent men and women to die for an unjust cause who are “un-American.”

jo ann orange