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Letters to the Editor

Thoughts on drive-through etiquette

To those of you that prefer to use a drive-through window rather than walking into an establishment, I would like to offer a few suggestions: I work the drive-through window at a local business and I am continually amazed at the lack of manners and common courtesy displayed by many people.

People automatically assume that the drive-through is faster. When in fact, going inside of the establishment is faster in most cases. A drive-through is a convenience, and should not be thought of as a fast-through. There are some people that misuse the drive-through by placing large orders. If there are a significant amount of items you would like to purchase, going inside of the establishment eliminates the delay to the customers behind you. Although employees are capable of handling large orders through the drive-though, the drive-through then loses its purpose of being a convenience for other customers.

Cell phone etiquette is also important when using a drive-through. You subject defenseless others to cell phone conversations. Continuing to use the phone while nodding and saying “ya” is not really confirming your order if you aren’t even listening. It is belittling and disrespectful. Many times orders are placed incorrectly due to the distraction. Giving the employee who is taking your order at the drive-through your full attention shows respect and consideration.

Companies have their own policies that employees are to enforce. These policies are made for a reason. For example, a drive-through is not a trash receptacle. It is unsanitary, especially when the employees are handling food or beverages. Just because the employee does not take your trash does not mean that it is OK to throw it on the ground or hide it under your vehicle before you drive away. That is disrespectful on many levels; it is disappointing that littering is even an option.

To all of those customers who are always courteous and have a pleasant attitude, thank you. Your kindness and your business are greatly appreciated and you make working with the public enjoyable.

kacey moseley

Carson City

DMV refund policy is unfair

I went to the DMV to turn in some plates after I sold my car to my daughter. I asked for a refund on my registration and was told that they don’t give refunds, I need to get another car right away because the remaining money depreciates daily until it is gone. Is this fair? I paid my registration as required by law and I think by law they should have refunded what was left when I no longer had a car. I want others to know about this legal robbery so they won’t be surprised to find out the DMV can keep their money. Our government certainly is NOT for the people.

dorothy lewis

Carson City

School working to correct misinformation

On Sept. 23, the Nevada Appeal Publisher John DiMambro reviewed the differences between the Millennium Scholarship requirements and the admission requirements for our two universities, UNR and UNLV. Starting in the spring of 2009, the Millennium Scholarship will require high school graduates to have four years of math with at least Algebra II, in addition to other course requirements. UNR and UNLV will require only three years of math, but all three years have to be at the Algebra I level or above.

Bishop Manogue, relying on the form that was sent to them by higher education, alerted parents that pre-algebra would no longer count, either for the Millennium Scholarship or for university admission. In fact, pre-algebra will count for the Millennium, but Bishop Manogue acted on the information they were given and attempted to alert parents quickly. They are now correcting the information with a new letter to parents.

Bishop Manogue’s “bad information” was not their fault and they are to be commended for acting so quickly to resolve this issue. Some confusion on these new requirements is inevitable, but we appreciate all of the high schools who are working hard to get the word out to parents and students.

Jane A. Nichols

Vice Chancellor, Nevada

System of Higher Education

Taxing trucks not the answer to road problems

I have been reading what people think about commercial trucks on our roadways. I have to say, I have never written to any newspaper before, but I have to voice my opinion now.

It seems that some people feel that taxing the trucker will solve the road condition problems that are supposedly created by overweight trucks. What about the cars going down the road with chains on at 45 mph or better taking out chunks of road? What about the poor condition of the roadways to begin with? Wasn’t there a huge shortage in funds for Nevada highways? Truck drivers not only pay enormous amounts to register their vehicles, they also pay additional road tax, fuel tax, quarterly tax and fees for permits, just to name a few things. Do you think that a driver wants to overload his or her truck and risk a $2,500 ticket?

Why don’t some of you do some research before throwing those inane statements out to the public. Don’t you realize that the more trucks are taxed, the more the consumer will wind up paying? Maybe non-commercial vehicles should share more of the road repair cost. Next time you see a truck going down the road, ask yourself who brings your food, clothes, gas and everything else that you use in this world to you – not to mention the dirt and asphalt that builds the road. Trucks! What do you think would happen if trucks stopped just for one day?

pamela biagini


Grateful for the support during battle with cancer

It is with a warm and comforted heart that I write this thank you to the lovely ladies who made the Carson Calendar Girls First Edition 2008 Calendar the outstanding success that it has become. I have been blessed to have such grand and beautiful ladies as friends. To the Artistic Team: Jay Aldrich, Tara Burke and Ron Gross, you are the greatest and I love and thank you. To the wonderful men and women of the local media who wrote and spoke about the calendar, you are appreciated and your stories are touching and will forever be memorable. To the generous citizens and businesses of Carson City, Reno and other communities that helped make the Calendar Signing Kick-Off Evening for the 2008 Calendar one of the most charming evenings of my lifetime, thank you many times over! And to the many local businesses that are currently selling the 2008 calendar, thank you so much. I will forever be grateful for the kindness and generosity that has come my way and I know I forever more will not walk this journey alone.

My love and heartfelt appreciation.

danielle conway

Carson City

State should consider backcountry food drops for bears

My husband, who works for Carson City Sheriff’s Dept., just told me of the huge numbers of calls concerning the bears in this area. It’s obvious from the drought, fires, etc, that they are desperate for food. What is the policy of the Nevada Department of Wildlife for managing bears during this extreme condition? Can food be airlifted and dropped away from communities?

I realize that under normal circumstances feeding wildlife is damaging to the animals. But with the aforementioned problems, providing food in the back country seems the most humane and safe way to manage this horrific situation. Between the bears struggling to eat before hibernating and peoples’ concerns about bears in their yards, this seems a reasonable solution (and cheaper than constantly tranquilizing and moving hungry bears). Bears need to find food, it’s that simple.

lisa schuette

Carson City

Volunteers make the Children’s Museum possible

On behalf of the Board of Directors, administration and staff of the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada, we applaud Dawn Gibbons for focusing attention on volunteerism. The Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteer expertise, time and energy to accomplish the many tasks required and to make new exhibits a reality.

We are proud to recognize some of our volunteers. Penny Holbrook, Peggy West, Alice Powell, Betty Fry, Dani Lee, Bonita Fleming, Sara Chart, Karen Allen, and Khris Pradere all volunteer at the Children’s Museum on a consistent basis. They display a professional attitude, are polite, cheerful and willing to do whatever tasks are assigned. Their hard work and dedication to the Children’s Museum benefits local children and the community.

Thank you to all our volunteers and contributors who support us so we can provide education and entertainment to Carson City families and our visitors.

gail struble

Carson City

Letter writer copied pro-war group

On Sept. 13, Robert Kaspar of Dayton submitted a letter titled “Democrats failed to show support for troops, war.” Most of his letter consisted of lengthy quotes prepared by an organization called “Move America Forward,” (MAF) a pro-war, Bush-loving band who contend that those with a contrary view are unpatriotic “defeatist minions.” Mr. Kaspar was apparently angered that such people (many of whom, like me, are members of the Nevada Democratic Veterans and Military Families Caucus) dared to exercise their First Amendment rights by challenging MAF’S demonstration at Mills Park on Labor Day.

As one of those “traitor Democrats” who actually attended the counter-MAF rally, I can say that MAF spokesperson Melanie Morgan, a right-wing talk radio personality, LIED by stating that Saddam Hussein “attacked our country” on 9/11. Everyone with half a brain knows this is an absolute falsehood.

Mr. Kaspar not only appears incapable of critical thought, but cannot even pen his own original letter, relying instead on extensive quotations from an MAF press release. By the way, the un-American Democrats who seek to bring our troops home soon out-numbered the MAF people who blindly follow the Pied Piper Bush two to one.

Jeffrey L. russell


Politicians irresponsible in criticizing war, administration

What has happened to political leaders in this country who are interested in the well being of this country. Harry Reid proclaims the war as lost while we have military personnel in harm’s way. He further boasts of killing the Patriot Act. How does killing the Patriot Act make us safer? Dennis Kucinich criticizes our foreign policy while appearing on Syrian television. Syria is a place where there are no free speech rights, and has a government being investigated for crimes against humanity as well as being a known sponsor of terrorism. General Petraeus is viciously attacked by left wing organizations and Democrat members of Congress before he even had a chance to present his assessment. How does the sacrifice of any Washington politician compare to that of General Petraeus and others serving in our military? Bad behavior is something that we should expect from uninformed Hollywood celebrities. We should demand better from our elected officials.

john colyer


Completion of Lyon medical facility is crucial

The delays caused by confusion over water rights in the building of a church and a hospital in Lyon County are another example of the cluelessness of our county government.

The hospital is a needed facility due to our rapidly growing population, much of which is comprised of senior citizens.

Another church is not as critical. We have plenty of places of worship already. Besides, with the spectacular vistas and places of natural beauty, one doesn’t need to be inside a building to pray.

Also, why has there been no outcry over the ever increasing housing developments springing up in northern Lyon County? And has anyone noticed the seemingly 24/7 sprinkling at the turf farm?

marjorie long