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Letters to the editor

Bears must be eliminated from human habitat

Feed the bears, don’t feed the bears. Feed the bears in some areas, don’t feed the bears in other areas. All of that talk is ludicrous and not pertinent to the problem.

We have hunting seasons for many other animals, and for good reason. There is a big overpopulation of bars in and around human habitat areas. There are bear-habitat areas. Millions of acres, in fact. When humans move into bear areas, those areas are now human habitats.

Humans and bears are mortal enemies, have always been mortal enemies, and will be mortal enemies. As there are with other animals, there needs to be a hunting season on bears. That hunting season should be in and near any area of human habitat and be for 365 days a year. There are more than enough bears in other areas of the country. Bears are the most serious threat to humans of any animal. Ann Bryant to the contrary, humans are more important than bears. We must eliminate them from human habitat. It is the only logical solution.

john o. rough

Carson City

Letter in poor taste

I am sick to my stomach after reading the “A modest proposal for solving three problems” letter from Nicholas Pawlak. Shame on the Appeal for printing such a letter. Your policy states that letters in bad taste will not be printed. What could be of worse taste than advocating throwing living beings out of an airplane?

sandra hawk


Rush Limbaugh attack response big news

Nevada’s senior senator attacks a private citizen on the Senate floor and tries to hinder the citizen’s ability to make a living. Tens of thousands of ordinary citizens protest. The attacked citizen raises $4 million for a military charity because of the senator’s attempts.

Headline news, right? Not if the Nevada Appeal supports the senator.

Bias? Never!

david campbell

Carson City

Thanks for support of fashion show

On Saturday evening, Oct. 13, the Capital City Arts Initiative hosted a fundraiser, “Radical Fashion” at the Station Grille.

As a young arts nonprofit organization based in Carson City, we received outstanding community support from many businesses and individuals for this sold-out event!

We thank everyone who bought tickets and joined us for a terrific meal, followed by a fantastic fashion show featuring 20 striking models and four brilliant young designers from our area: Milan del Vecchio, Kodi Fujii, Lindsey Jackson and Claire Ponn.

CCAI is delighted to contribute to and help build Carson City’s dynamic arts scene. Arts and culture make our town such a great place to live.

You can learn more about us online at http://www.arts-initiative.org.

Thank you to everyone from the CCAI Board and staff!

sharon rosse

executive director

Carson City