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Letters to the editor

Parade participants’ dress was disappointing

The girls that were following the Carson High School Band in the Nevada Day Parade did not represent Carson High in a very positive way.

The choice of their dress was very disappointing. They are beautiful girls and should have been dressed to compliment the school band in a positive way, not a negative way.

I hope this is thought through more thoroughly in the Nevada Day Parade. Carson High Band as always you did a wonderful job and looked sharp!

barbara sanders

Carson City

How do you feed the birds without feeding the bears?

I’m trying to figure something out here.

In the Oct. 27 paper on the front page there was an article about how one guy had been able to capture six wild bears in his yard because his neighbor had put bird food out for birds, and the bears were so hungry that they ate it instead of being polite enough to wait for the birds to eat.

Then, in the Personal Appeal section, Joanne Skelly, our resident UNR Co-op lady, states that we need to feed the birds to protect them through the winter.

I have to admit. I’m confused.

We feed the birds, but don’t feed the bears. Then, John Rough posted a letter to the editor stating that we need to “eliminate bears from human habitats.”

While I’ll be among the first to agree that certain wild animals and humans should not mix, this is still bound to happen where humans have encroached on their natural habitats.

In reading the front page article, I was pleased to read that one of our illustrious NDOW wildlife biologists – Thad Heater – stated that it is not illegal to feed wild animals. Thank you Thad for clarifying so delicate a topic.

However, with this “feed the birds” but “don’t feed the bears” rhetoric, it’s getting, or perhaps has long been, more than a little ridiculous.

And as for Mr. Rough, I say we shoot every third human on the left, and leave the bears alone. Hell, I’ve even got a wooden one on my doorstep to let the real one’s know that they’re welcome here.

Either that or we need to fulfill our National Bill of Right’s edict of Arming Bears. Er … or was that bearing arms?

Well, either way, bears already have claws, and teeth, so maybe they don’t need to be armed.

Of course those are still no match for a 30-06, or even a tranq-dart gun, at 100 yards, so perhaps we should arm bears. At least then it’d even the arm-ing, and bear-ing field. Er … should that have been the play-ing field?!?!

Mr. Rough, I suggest you’d better go out and buy yourself a good nest to hide in while you’re out hunting bears in other folks’ backyards. You might need it to hide you from armed people who happen to think a wild bear eating their garbage, or out of their own refrigerators isn’t such a bad idea.

Of course, we can stop this within five years. Move all of the people out of the region, and let the bears have it back.

And to the last person left, don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave. We don’t want the bears having an electric bill.

steve buckley

Carson City

Highly approves of governor’s performance

Governor Gibbons is doing an excellent job.

His planning ahead forward thinking on requesting a spending reduction plan proves my point.

It is only the tax and spend Democrats who want to wait until the last minute so they can yell and scream to force a tax increase to balance the budget instead of being prudent and responsible politicians.

stuart l. posselt