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Letters to the editor

Time to turn away from empire building

When Republican candidate Ron Paul suggested it is time to give Iraq back to the Iraqi people at a recent presidential debate, he was met with hostility, and no opportunity to respond or explain. John McCain attacked Paul’s “isolationist” views by comparing them to the attitudes that allowed Adolf Hitler to rise to power before WWII. This was an argument I myself used to explain to friends why Sadaam should be taken out prior to the current war. That was four years ago.

I realize there are times when diplomacy fails and weapons of war may be necessary. Senator McCain’s comment to Ron Paul, however, has no merit, other than to frighten uninformed Americans into supporting a failed foreign policy of empire building. Here’s why I believe this is so.

The world, including America, was a very different place before WWII. Germany had a military that was second to none. America was significantly weaker before the war. Secondly, Hitler came into power by taking advantage of one of the world’s greatest economic blunders created by the Weimar Republic after WWI. Similar to what the U.S. has begun to do at present, the Weimar Republic attempted to hide their failing economy and runaway debt by printing currency. The result was three digit hyper-inflation that literally and completely broke Germany’s economy, paving the way for a savior of Germany. Through deception and economic triumph, Hitler gained Germany’s respect and unwavering devotion, and almost a German empire.

The situation today is quite different. When Sadaam invaded Kuwait, it didn’t take the U.S. years or even months to oust him, but rather days, thanks to an historic military response. We had the strength to do it. But we are quickly becoming a 21st century “Weimar Republic,” and our interventionist approach will, by necessity, become an isolationist one far beyond anything Ron Paul has proposed. The cost of our military presence in 130 countries, monitoring some 700 military bases, has upset the people of many nations. It has also driven our economy into the ground and made the world a more dangerous place. Time is running out for America to wake up and stop this policy of bridge-burning empire building before we repeat history and become the nation that ushers in the next Hitler.


Carson City

You can make a difference by volunteering

Recently, I read an article in the newspaper about Nevada’s growing aging population. We have the fastest growing senior population in the United States. With this growth both challenges and opportunities arise. The impact statewide is and will continue to be dramatic.

The growth in the number of elder Nevadans is attributed to the migration from other states and to longer life spans. Medical advances make it possible to live longer, and in many cases, more fulfilling lives.

Many individuals choose and are able to continue working well into their advancing years. Some choose to retire but would like to have an interesting way of contributing to society. They just don’t want to be tied down to a regular full or part-time job or commitment.

But some need just a little assistance to keep them from having to be prematurely institutionalized. If institutionalized as indigent, the impact to the state is significant. The average cost of institutionalized care per senior per year in Nevada is estimated at $62,500.

Future expansion of services is needed to serve those in need in rural Nevada. The key, I think is diversity.

Having lots of good choices helps to keep the spark alive. The Nevada Rural Counties Retired and Senior Program Inc. (RSVP) offers opportunities to serve the communality by volunteering in a variety of ways. We work to match the talents of individuals with clients and volunteer work stations in need of services. We can help you find ways to volunteer that suits your needs, lifestyle and the level of commitment that you wish to share.

We want to increase the number of volunteer work stations statewide by 50 percent and increase the number of volunteers by 100 percent. This is an ambitious goal, but with your help, we can attain it.

In return, we will provide you with meaningful work and the knowledge that you have made a real difference in the community. If you are interested in learning more about RSVP and how you can volunteer, contact Susan Haas at (775) 687-4680, ext. 7.


Carson City