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Letters to the editor

Remember the Colonna family this Christmas

Thank you for the excellent story on my friend, Bill Colonna. I have known Bill for a number of years and there are not enough words to describe the generosity of spirit this man had for his fellow human beings. Bill left us early this morning, leaving a void in the lives that he touched.

Bill was a quiet man who didn’t believe in burdening others with his struggles. His illness has had a devastating effect on the family’s financial resources and now his widow and son are doing their best to get by … barely. I hope that during this season of giving, the residents of Northern Nevada will take Shelly and Dominic Colonna into their hearts. They need financial assistance to help offset the cost of the funeral and for day-to-day living expenses. Most of all they need our love and help this Christmas. As the family wanted to spend every precious minute with Bill, they did not decorate for Christmas, put up a tree, buy gifts or do any of the things that we were all busy doing during this holiday season, not to mention not having any time to prepare for Dominic’s 14th birthday on Dec. 29.

I am asking you all to help Shelly and Dominic however you can. A bank account is being set up in their name (watch the paper for details). Fitzhenry’s Funeral home in Carson City is in charge of the arrangements; perhaps, drop a dollar or two off there in Bill’s name. Whatever you can do will be most appreciated by Bill’s family and friends. Feel free to call me at 775-291-6259 or Junee at 775-741-6840 if you’d like to help this family.


Carson City

Muth shouldn’t judge courses by their titles

Chuck Muth’s ‘Culture of Pizza’ opinion is pure vitriol with few redeeming qualities. One of the major missions of higher education is to help students become better, more complete people. The key to doing this is promoting awareness of different facets of the world around us – i.e.. combating ignorance. To accomplish this goal, higher education provides individuals a broad base of knowledge – one which extends beyond their immediate surroundings – from which they may form their own informed opinions and beliefs.

One crucial concept in promoting awareness is expressed with the idiom ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’. Thus, writing off as useless a list of courses based merely on their titles is demonstrative of ignorance or disingenuous intent on Mr. Muth’s part. I frequently teach a course which could justifiably be called ‘Mathematics of Ancient Islam.’ Should it be canceled?

While some of the courses on Mr. Muth’s hit list may be of less importance than others, most or all listed are substantial in nature and serve very well the educational mission of higher ed. With his list, Mr. Muth implicitly belittles the Hispanic culture, the Afro-American culture, the Basque culture, the baby boomers, women, gays and lesbians. He implicitly impugns the value of music, the performing and fine arts, the entertainment industry and physical fitness. His doing so is indeed the epitome of ignorance.

The looming budget cut would have a substantial negative impact on the ability of Nevada’s higher Ed institutions to service and support students regardless of which courses they take. Ridiculing the higher ed system for providing courses the titles of which Mr. Muth doesn’t like obfuscates the issue. This is a disservice to thousands of college students and to our fair state on the whole. Having a well-educated populace is necessary if we’re to expand and diversify our economic base and cope with the challenges of the 21st century.


Community College Professor of Mathematics

Western Nevada College

Remember the animals during Christmas

I just made my second annual trip to the Carson City Animal Shelter to deliver a little joy to the dogs out there. I take toys, balls, dog cookies and gift cards for the next five people who adopt animals. Please remember those who have no voice. They are so happy for the attention and toys and would make a wonderful, thankful addition to your family at this time of year. They are a responsibility but one that gives tenfold what you give them in happiness, joy and unconditional love. There are many beautiful faces I always find hard to leave just waiting for new homes. Merry Christmas and God bless you.


Washoe Valley

A heartfelt holiday message

The time has come to again thank the many dear friends and multitude of others who helped make the past 16 months memorable. Included in those are the ladies and artistic team that made the 2008 Carson Calendar Girls project a reality. I am grateful for the kindness and generosity that has come my way and I have been blessed to have not walked my journey alone.

Mitchell, Kyra and I wish you joy, peace, love and our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. My wish for 2008 would be “Be not afraid of moving slowly. Be only afraid of standing still.” And, always remember, “The Best is Yet to Come.”

Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more …

Warm regards.


Carson City

Editor’s note: Danielle Conway’s battle with cancer was the inspiration for a group of local women to publish a calendar and form the Danielle Conway Foundation. They call themselves the Carson Calendar Girls. To learn more, visit the Web site http://www.carsoncalendargirls.com.

Check out the mansion for Christmas spirit

Looks like the Christmas Spirit has arrived at the Governor’s Mansion – lots of lights and decorations! A really warm Christmas welcome.

Thanks go to the Governor, the First Lady and the Mansion coordinator.


Carson City

Bus stop shouldn’t be near adult book store

There is a school bus stop located 100 feet from an adult book store on the corner of Hwy. 50 and Empire Ranch Road. A dozen or so children use this bus stop. This does not seem to be an issue with the school district or the sheriff’s office, according to the Carson City school district transportation department. I had brought it to their attention about three months ago and suggested a new stop at the corner of Empire Ranch Road and Morgan Mill Road. I called today and she said they took the time to look into it and they didn’t see it as a safety issue.

Is it not bad enough they will not bus our children closer than a two-mile range but then they drop them near a store that solicits adult material! I am outraged as a parent that this matter was not treated more seriously! Working parents depend on the school district to get our children home safely after school. Will they be held liable if a situation happens? I didn’t think so. If the school district is not looking out for our children’s best interest then it is up to the Carson City residents to take a stand and let the school district know this is not acceptable.


Carson City

Trying out a new kind of Christmas tradition

My grandson Ian and I have decided to have a new kind of Christmas next year. We will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day with a manger scene and a birthday cake for Jesus. After Christmas Day we will take advantage of the wonderful sales and Ian will choose a gift for himself at that time. I believe we need to get back to the real meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and all your readers.


Carson City

A student’s view on Joe Enge

As a student in my junior year at Carson High School, I have been reading with great interest about Joe Enge, a former teacher and current member of the Carson City School Board.

According to your newspaper, he was convicted of two DUIs and although arrested for a third DUI after leaving a brothel, the charges were dismissed on a technicality in spite of an alcohol level measured at three times the legal limit. More recently, he left the scene of an early-morning car accident after destroying more than 30 feet of somebody’s backyard fence and was caught only because his license plate was found in the wreckage; and yet, somehow the charge was reduced to speeding after he paid for the damage.

In addition, he has been involved in two late-night fights, and has been banned from a local casino.

School board members need to serve as role models and leaders for students and teachers. I can only imagine what would happen to me if I was arrested three times for DUI, got into two fights, and left the scene of an accident in the wee hours of the morning. There is no doubt that my National Honor Society status would be revoked, I would be in juvenile detention, my driver’s license would be suspended, and my parents would have me on the mother of all restrictions!

If a teacher or our school superintendent, Dr. Pierczynski, had committed similar behaviors, immoral acts and crimes, what would happen? I would imagine that there would be a big scandal and public outrage. Parents would complain, political groups would hold meetings, and public officials would speak out. The school board would probably act quickly on the problem.

This is an issue of fitness. It is clear to me that this is not about a “mistake” that somebody made. It is about a pattern of unacceptable and irresponsible behavior over time.

What happened, Carson City, to family values, morals and accountability? Where is the grassroots movement to recall Mr. Enge or force him to resign from the Carson City School Board? How is it, that with Mr. Enge, you allow excuse making and cover up, charges get reduced or dropped, and poor judgment is allowed?

Instead of public outrage, what we got was a letter to the editor from “Parents for Quality Education” member John Vettel that was supportive of Joe Enge. Chuck Muth’s Web site “Enge Files” sings praises of him. Where is their integrity now? They claim moral high ground, yet do not acknowledge the immorality of Mr. Enge’s behavior and his lack of fitness to serve on the school board.

Carson City citizens, please do not allow this hypocrisy to continue. Do not disappoint the students of Carson City. Show us that values and morals count. Take action to recall or remove Mr. Enge.

Jonathan Singer

Carson City

What next, a trip to Disneyland?

I just read in the paper about our little window shooter being in trouble again. At just the ripe old age of 23 he has been convicted of felony arson and spent some time in jail (a mere slap on the wrist), then he gets out to terrorize a few dozen law abiding citizen (and gets a tickle on the wrist – probation), and while he is waiting for his tickle on his wrist, he steals mail out of people’s mail boxes. I can’t wait to see what he gets for this crime. Maybe a trip to Disneyland! To our bleeding heart and political correct justice system, I have just one question for you: As Dr. Phil would say “How’s this working for you?”


Carson City

Don’t be afraid of saying ‘Christmas’

As I read the ads in the paper I see very few retail stores using the word Christmas. And nobody is using the words Merry Christmas. And I’m waiting to see if any of the retail storefronts paint on their windows Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Not too long ago stores and people look forward to putting those words out for all people to see. But now with all this political correctness crap everyone is afraid to say these words (MERRY CHRISTMAS). Well here is my political correctness stand, to the retail stores that want to be politically correct. I will do my best to spend no money in your stores.

What in the world is a holiday tree, and if it is a holiday tree why do we not have them on all holidays? The reason we do not have them on all holidays is because they are Christmas trees, period.

Don’t be afraid to use these words be thankful.


Carson City

Giving is important year-round

During this time of year, everywhere a person turns they will hear about some sort of charitable organization for families in need. Although, I am proud of humanity for coming together I am disappointed to see that it is only this time of year when people feel the urge to give. Of course there are some organizations that never go away but seem to quiet themselves during the rest of the year.

My concern is why?

Families do not just go hungry during the holiday season but go through it all year long. The children who do not usually get a Christmas gift probably go without receiving birthday gifts or new clothes the rest of the time. I do not understand how this time of year can be more important than another time of year. We, as a society, should not let the organizations quiet down after New Years but keep on giving to help those families back onto their feet. After all Santa does watch all year long.