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Letters to the editor

Mayor should learn from the governor’s example

Our “mayor” should take a lesson from the governor, who said “no new taxes” and so far it has been no new taxes.

Let’s see if I have this right Ð 5 cents tax on gasoline to help pay for a state highway, millions for landlords to refurbish old buildings so they can rent them (old Wal-Mart), maybe, $20 million for the V&T project so far, now another 10 million proposed for that project, 1Ú8 percent sales tax increase plus another 1Ú8 percent proposed for the V&T.

How about a few million for the sheriff’s department to put a few more officers on the street (traffic, gang control, etc.) some money for the D.A.’s office, and oh yes, why not repair some of our streets that are in bad condition.

Is Teixeira the mayor of Carson City, or just a front man for the private interests?

A non binding advisory question vote is a joke, as was proved on the last “vote” on this same issue.

Wake up Carson City residents.


Carson City

Let’s ask Mr. Webster how to say Nevada

To all those people indignant as to what they deem to be the mispronunciation of the name of this state, I recommend they consult their dictionary where they will find that either pronunciation is correct.

Some apologies are in order.


Carson City

It’s not the job of government to prevent suicide

Senator Harry (spend your money) Reid is at it again. As I read the paper this morning I am struck by the total ridiculousness of a bill he is sponsoring to “combat suicide among seniors.” Now I certainly have compassion and am not an advocate for people committing suicide, but just where in our Constitution is that the job of the United States Government? Sounds to me like another government giveaway. We send out tax money to Washington, and then pay for members of congress and their staff to sit around and think of ways they can spend it. IT IS NOT THEIR JOB. If the states want to spend money for feel good programs like this then so be it. Read our Constitution, specifically the 10th amendment.


Carson City

No more public money for the V&T

Our Mayor is at it again. Proposing to tax our general population to support private enterprise profits.

His personal project called the V&T is something he should be doing as a private venture. If it were in fact a sure fire profit maker, as he is so convinced, he should build it at his personal risk and reap the profits. I wonder if the other commission members, railroad buffs and business owners who are in cahoots with him, would be willing to mortgage their homes, their businesses and their family’s welfare to invest with the Mayor?

A close reading of the details of the first constitutional convention reveals a desire to somehow grant government the responsibility to regulate commerce while at the same time preventing government from engaging in commerce (at least this is my interpretation of that deliberation). Those wise men knew the tendency of treasury caretakers to be careless with their fiduciary responsibility over other people’s money.

Please Mr. Mayor and city council members, no more taxes. We are “taxed out” yet you still cater to the pressures from each and every special interest group and private enterprise that approaches you for handouts.

We the people have already told you that we do not want any more taxes and especially none whose intent it is to benefit private enterprise.

If there is another advisory vote, will you honor the will of ALL the people, not just the special interests of those involved in and benefiting from the project?


Carson City

Questions school board actions

Mr. Mooney: After reading your somewhat dubious dissertation on the selection of a school superintendent, and your subsequent description of the person who objected to the process as being a right-wing activist, I feel a vigorous objection is in order. If Mr. Enge is a right-wing activist, or should I say a right-wing wacko, then that would by inference make you a left-wing activist. I, and a great many Carson residents, are extremely suspect of this school board. Let me explain why: I have a very good friend who happens to be a substitute teacher for the Carson school and the Gardnerville and Clayton school districts. She relates horror stories of what goes on in the classrooms that she teaches. They range from kindergarten through eighth grade. She also relates the absolute frustration of the regular teachers and how some of them have thrown up their hands in disgust and resorted to just handing out assignments and grading homework by not correction but by who turned theirs in. So, consequently, I think Mr. Enge has every right to question the selection system of this board.

As everyone in this country is aware, our schools are controlled by the left, thus the absolute mess that they are in.


Carson City

Movie goers who support Galaxy policies

Methinks you have never gone to the Wallace Theaters before they closed. My wife and I tried to go there on weekends to see a movie in the past and left early because of rowdy teens. We changed our movie times to go during school hours on weekdays to avoid the noise and mischief. The happy teens had torn the armrests off of the seats and broken the backs of the seats. There were not enough staff to control the little sweeties. The Galaxy is a very nice theater and we support their management style. If they want adults to feel welcome there they will keep up the good work. We are longtime residents and movie goers.


Carson City

War money could help solve domestic problems

There is plenty of unconscionable and despicable actions taken by this administration to warrant impeachment (both Bush and Cheney). To those who think not, I would propose that impeachment be based on negligence. Not taking action may be just as harmful (maybe more) than taking wrong action.

It’s bad enough to start a war based on false information, to waste over $600 billion over 5 years, to kill over 5,000 Americans and over 1 million others (even murder), to upset our allies and thus abate the admiration of America, but then, to deny proper equipment to conduct the war is negligence of duty.

The soldiers have not been given the proper protective vests nor blast resistant vehicles to adequately conduct this ignominious war.

In addition, consider that just a fraction of the cost could solve our educational crisis, building new schools, providing much needed textbooks and supplies, and most importantly, hire capable and qualified teachers at good wages. This is a disgraceful neglect of our children.

Consider that just a fraction could solve our health-care crisis, building new hospitals and install modern equipment, providing medicines and nursing care, providing truly universal health care. It works great in Europe and Canada. This is a disgraceful neglect of our elderly, sick and disabled (children too).

Consider that just a fraction could solve our environmental crisis, cleaning our air and water, removing toxic wastes, and funding alternative energy research and development. This is a disgraceful neglect of this great land we call ” America.”

Also, there is the neglect of our infrastructure, security at our ports of entry, scientific research of global warming, and much more.

This administration is guilty of the worst actions of fraud, deceit, perjury and subversion of the Constitution. Adding negligence of duty makes it imperative to impeach!


Carson City

Adopting a cat was too expensive

I went to this place to adopt a cat. I spent an hour at this animal shelter for cats and dogs. I just wanted a little cat. After an hour of paperwork I had to have this stray cat spayed which might cost $50. Another half hour of paper work at this vet and I am presented with a bill for $135. Had I any idea of the time and expense involved in adopting some stray cat, I would never had gotten involved. I would never suggest this to anyone else. This is outrageous.

It is done. I will take this poor little stray cat and take care of her but I find this an outrageous situation. No wonder people will not rescue animals. It is out of the ability of us to do so.


Carson City

Favors domestic aid over foreign aid

Congress needs to wake up to the fact that we cannot be the police force for the whole world. The blame for excessive spending and deficits should be placed where it belongs, squarely on the Congress who are more concerned about foreign aid programs than what is best for our own country. We need to boost our own economy, and the best way is to cut down on foreign aid programs.

First, we need to close our bases in Japan. There is no longer a need to have military bases in Japan. Then we should start by phasing out the military bases around the world and cut out military forces and bring them back home. We need to bolster our economy rather than continuing to pour out foreign aid to these nations that should be able by now to take care of themselves. Bases in a foreign country should be provided by the host nation. They should be willing to pay to keep up the bare bones deployment for those bases for us.